6 Quick Tips for Planning Corporate Events

November 6, 2019 Susan Serena

Corporate Event Planners in New York City can be involved in shaping an entire trade show or simply organizing their company’s presence at a trade show presented by someone else. In these circumstances, you will likely be working very closely with the sales and marketing team(s). These teams are usually comprised of professionals who stay on top of each year’s trends, and it’s important that as an event professional you demonstrate that you are on top of industry’s latest and greatest commands.

In this article, we will cover some of the latest tips and tricks for planning corporate events.

Slay your next trade show (in general):

  • Book rooms ahead of time even if your team is still deciding who will attend. You can always call later and switch the names out, but you can’t open up a block of rooms that is already sold out.
  • Create a checklist that includes responsibilities and go over it with marketing and sales to make sure everyone is in agreement. When there are too many departments working on the same thing under different leadership, it’s easy to assume someone else is handling it.
  • Create a supply kit/event managers box that contains all the tools and incidentals that everyone forgets about like pain reliever, nail clippers, clear fingernail polish, lotion, stain pens, nail file, mini scissors, lint rollers, etc.

Run a public exhibition or trade show like a boss:

  • Get the floor plan ready early so you will be more apt to sell out stand space.
  • Consider higher rates for premium stand locations.
  • Create an exhibitor manual detailing all the information that your exhibitors need to know.

Make it the best trade show ever if you’re exhibiting:

  • Treat this like running a mini event in terms of coordinating all elements.
  • Give attendees a reason to visit your stand.
  • Ensure your marketing around the exhibition is more inventive than just “come and visit us at stand #192.”

Dinners and Awards Ceremonies

Many companies plan celebrations for awards they’ve won, goals they’ve surpassed, or employee recognition. It’s a wonderful occasion when you get to coordinate something that everyone can come together and enjoy.

Kick up the ceremony:

  • Find a special way, like through video, to showcase the efforts of those receiving awards or those behind your company reaching this accomplishment.
  • Splurge on the venue and celebrate somewhere offsite.
  • Bring in a great emcee to increase the celebratory mood.

Business Anniversary Celebrations and Milestones

These events may be very similar to your awards ceremonies because there’s something to celebrate. But these events will generally focus on the entire team not just a handful of successes.

Play up the nostalgia:

  • Use the date of the anniversary or milestone as a theme.
  • Give employees or customers something as part of the celebration. For employees that could be swag. For customers, a discount and personal thank you for their business are nice touches.
  • End the evening with an inspirational message of continuing success.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a lot of fun but also probably one of the riskiest events you’ll host. Employees (and sometimes customers) often see traditional holiday parties as a time to cut loose. This could mean consuming more alcohol than planned and potentially “overstepping” a friendly interest. This can leave the company exposed on everything from personal injury claims from falls on campus to sexual harassment claims.

For more event planning tips, please continue to check on our blog each week! Feel free to contact us to submit creative ideas that will help event pros enhance their corporate parties.


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