Top Tips to Attract Millennials to Your Brand Event

October 31, 2019 Jessica Stewart

No one likes #FOMO.

Don't get left behind with your brand events! Start throwing awesome events today that will attract a loyal millennial audience.

With the rise of social media, brand events are becoming a popular way for consumers to connect and interact with their favorite brands. Often found via social media, millennials are on the hunt for branded events that feel exclusive and genuine. They're great for brands too! A large number of email sign-ups, social media follows, and eventual purchases result from a brand event.

With retail experiencing a harsh downturn in recent years, and many brands abandoning the retail model altogether, events are the new way for young people to experience a brand's identity first-hand. 

So, how do you go about marketing to millennials that will have everyone talking about your event? Here are some tips! 

Utilize Social Media

"Experiential Marketing" — a fancy term for brand events — is rising, and it's working. Many brands are turning their attention towards this type of marketing in 2019 by way of music festivals, pop-up shops, partnership events, and more. 

When one thinks "millennial" the first thing that often comes to mind is social media — and for good reason! An estimated that 88% of millennials use social media. That’s 1.5 billion potential millennials that you could be reaching with your promotional material. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the heavy-hitters and where you should go first to market your event. Announce the event on all platforms multiple times in the weeks leading up to the event, offer exclusive discounts to attendees, and build a buzz. 

You'll also want to pick an awesome location that will attract those looking for a social media moment. 

Design Matters When Marketing to Millennials

When it comes to promotional materials for your event, whether it's for print ads, social media, or web content, it needs to be on point. 

Millennials are an aesthetically driven bunch of creative-types that will be drawn to great design. In fact, 40% of millennials said if the invite or event page is ugly, they wouldn’t even go to the event. 

Even further, the design and aesthetic of your event should be well-planned and Insta-worthy. Millennials are hungry for Instagram-ready content. If your event contains a photobooth, mural wall, or fun & interesting food (who doesn't love a good food-gram?!), Millennials will be more likely to attend, and more likely to follow your brand. 

Make It Matter By Giving Back

Studies show that Millennials, more than any other generation, care about giving back. Forbes reports that in 2014, 84% of millennial employees gave to a charity.

This likely has to do with the digital landscape that Millennials inhabit, making it easier to learn about charitable causes and even easier to donate to them. 

Therefore, it's important to keep this element in mind when planning your next event. Many millennials are holding companies accountable for their level of corporate social responsibility and profit-sharing. It can be a huge draw to add a charitable element to your event.

Seeing an advertisement stating that x% of proceeds from this event will be donated to a specific cause will make millennial consumers much more likely to attend

Final Thoughts

Marketing to millennials is more important than ever as the demographic is growing older and enjoying higher amounts of expendable income. You don't want to miss the boat on this one! 

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