7 Questions to Ask an Event Planner Before Hiring Them

March 15, 2022 Mario Stewart

Event planning isn't a hobby, it's a full-time profession. Between organizing a team and picking the right venue, you need an event planner who handles stress and stay organized.

To pick out a well-qualified party planner, you must evaluate your candidate's skills. Here are a few questions to ask an event planner, so you select the best candidate.

1. How Do You Measure an Event's Success?

Putting on an event is one thing, but putting on a successful event is what you're looking for. A surprising 19% of business owners don't know an event's ROI.

Your candidate should discuss:

  • Specific metrics used to measure past events
  • Using data to increase an event's success
  • How to improve ROI based on previous events

This is an important question and how your candidate answers plays a large role in your hiring selection.

2. How Do You Manage Yourself When Planning an Event?

To be a successful party planner, your candidate must exemplify strong organizational skills. Their answer should focus on:

  • Time management
  • Resource allocation
  • Multitasking abilities

Without strong organizational skills, your planner may have difficulty coordinating a successful event.

3. What Event Management Software Tools Do You Use?

An event coordinator should stay organized with software. If not, you risk hiring an inefficient planner.

Look for these key terms in your candidate's answer:

If your potential hire doesn't utilize software, ask why. Inquire how they keep themselves organized.

4. How Do You Handle Last Minute Changes to an Event?

A successful event planner can navigate obstacles and event interruptions. Strong coordinators aren't blindsided by changes. Instead, they use fast problem-solving skills to keep the event on track.

Your ideal event planner should mention key assets for solving problems on-the-fly:

  • Communication skills
  • Resource utilization
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving

This question should segway into a real-life example of how your candidate handled unexpected changes when planning a past event.

5. How Do You Deal With Unsatisfied Clients?

Customer service is key for event planners. It's a stressful job that requires exceptional people skills.

Your candidate should have:

  • Customer service experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexibility to meet customer needs

Without these, you risk hiring an event planner who may not interact well with your clients and employees.

6. How Do You Choose an Event Venue?

Your venue plays a major role in your event's success. Poor venue choices ruin special events.

This question allows you to assess your event coordinator's ability to match the right venue with your event. Their response should:

  • Explain their venue selection process
  • Demonstrate their ability to stick to a budget
  • Provide examples of past event venues

Event selection is critical to the event planning process. If your candidate doesn't display knowledge and expertise in this area, he or she may not be a well-qualified pick.

7. How Do You Advertise Your Events?

A great event does nothing for your business if no one shows up. An event planner needs outstanding marketing tools to draw a crowd.

Use this question to evaluate your candidate's advertising expertise. Their answer should mention:

  • Social media tactics
  • Advertising to a target market
  • Budgeting

Follow-up this question by asking your candidate how he or she advertised for their last event.

Questions to Ask an Event Planner: Learn More

Event planning is fun but it requires a strong set of skills. Ensure you're selecting the best candidate with the right questions to ask an event planner.

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