Conference Planning Checklist: 5 Ways to Make Your Next Event Easier

October 7, 2019 Erica Maurer

If you've planned big events before, you understand how important it is to be organized.

How can you be organized if you don't know what you are trying to do? A conference planning checklist helps you have all of your ideas in one spot.

To create an effective checklist, however, you need to do a few things first.

Keep reading to learn about ways to plan your next event more efficiently.

Easier Event with a Conference Planning Checklist

Having a planning checklist while you are creating the finalized plan for the event can be extremely helpful. Use these 5 conference planning tips to make it easier on yourself while planning your next event! 

1. Figure Out Your Main Goals First

When organizing a conference, you have to make sure that you know what you plan to get out of the event. Why are you throwing it in the first place?

It is important to figure out and outline the specific goals you have for your business. Do you want to sell something? Are you trying to get more leads? Is it meant to be a networking event?

No matter what goal you have, you need to have specific targets to meet that goal. Once you have your goal, create targets that will lead up to that goal. Your targets can be smaller steps that lead you to the main goal.

The more specific your targets are, the more likely you are to achieve your goal. This is why you want to be sure that you are approaching the event planning with your goal in mind.

2. Market Before the Event

You need to ensure that others know about your event for it to be successful. A clear marketing plan will promote the event and drive more people to come.

Once you know the goal of your event, you can create marketing tools that help explain why you are having the event, where it is, and when it will happen. Sending out direct mail and emails can help reach a large number of people at once, but you should remember your target prospects as well.

Potential clients or partners are the main people you need to connect with to have an event that meets your goal. Extra effort can show them that you really want them to come, so it is a good idea to do something personalized for every target. 

Using social media can be an even better way to reach a variety of people, but make sure that you are being purposeful in what you post regarding the event.

People will become more interested when they hear about your event and it may create a buzz. 

3. Develop an Agenda

This one is simple, but it is crucial in your planning. Having an agenda for the event helps everything stay organized. 

Your event agenda should be a living document and change as you smooth out the finer details. It should be created at the beginning and continuously be revised until the day of the event.

Make sure that everyone is on the same page, including the event planner, event organizer, and venue host. 

4. Finalize Logistics ASAP

Although it may seem obvious, logistics are really important when you plan an event. Finalizing those logistics will help you create an agenda and ensure you are meeting those targets for your main goal.

Before your event date, you need to confirm all of the different aspects of the actual event. 

If you have speakers, you need to ensure they are up to date on the finalized plans. They may need A/V equipment as well, so double check this as soon as possible to have an accurate plan.

Knowing how many people are coming is also a good idea. Have a deadline for when people can let you know so that you can plan accordingly.

5. Establish Partnerships

Do you have some other organizations or groups in mind that may help you with planning conferences in the future? If so, contact them about getting some assistance or even helping with costs.

Not only is it good for your business to be partnering with someone else, but it can help them at the same time.

Spreading the word around and making the event a success will help anyone that is participating, regardless of where they work or who they are volunteering for.

Make Planning Your Next Event a Breeze

With a conference planning checklist, you can plan an event without a lot of extra headache.

Knowing what needs to be done when and how helps you stay organized. It also helps your event become a bigger success and gives you the motivation to keep planning!

If you want to get some creative ideas for your next corporate event, check out our blog post for exciting ways to spice things up. 


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