How to Ensure Your VR Event Is a Success

December 5, 2022 Erica Maurer

If 40% of events happened virtually in 2022 after many restrictions were already lifted, we can only assume that virtual events are here to stay. When events are virtual, more people have access to them all over the world. It makes sense that anyone throwing an event would want to take advantage of that. 

Have you had a client request a VR event recently? Are you considering adding virtual reality events to your list of services?

We're here to talk about how to make your online events successful. Read on to learn more. 

Open Your Mind

Whether you're a brand-new event planner or a seasoned one who's just new to virtual events, it makes sense that the idea of a VR event may confuse you. This is new territory, and VR events don't really "feel" like events at all. How are you supposed to plan an event without any attendees actually congregating? 

Open your mind and try to think of this VR event as a real event. You need many of the same things that you'd need for a "real-life" event, but they'll be online.

While you won't need to cater the event, you will need a "venue," entertainment, and schedule. It may look different, but at its core, it's still an event. This is an opportunity for you to be creative.

Ensure Everyone Has the Appropriate Gear

This is one of the trickiest parts of planning virtual reality events. You and your clients need to ensure that all attendees have what they need in order to attend.

Everyone is going to need a VR headset. There are companies you can work with who will distribute these headsets to attendees worldwide if necessary, but make sure you arrange that well ahead of time. 

Don't Forget to Engage Attendees

At a VR event, there won't be any live entertainment or food. How will you engage the attendees? 

Depending on the type of event, you can still handle it like any other event. You can have keynote speakers "attend" virtually, involve entertainers, and more. You can also split attendees up into groups and take them to new "locations" as necessary throughout the event.

Again, you're going to have to be creative. 

Prepare For Setbacks

This is uncharted territory for you and the world as a whole. There will surely be some problems and setbacks throughout the event, so you'll have to think on your feet. 

Prepare for the unexpected. Always have a backup plan. 

Are You Ready for Your First VR Event? 

If your first VR event is on the horizon, don't worry. You've got this under control. Keep these suggestions in mind while you go through the event planning process, and you're sure to create an event that your clients love. 

Remember, virtual reality events are here to stay. It's time to adapt!

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