Streamline your Corporate Event Planning Process with These 5 Steps

February 27, 2023 Erica Maurer

Almost all media marketers agree that in-person events are a huge priority for companies these days. For that reason, companies need to consider corporate event planning needs with care. You should attempt to streamline your event trade shows when you can, but where do you start in this process?

Below we list five of the best tips for planning event spaces or event services in the future. As you read through, consider how each one can apply to your existing work and if you could improve your processes as you go.

1. Use a Leadership Team

Event trade shows, especially New York City conferences, can be very large. You might end up needing to make major decisions fast. As such, you cannot wait for slow deliberation between all team members democratically.

Define who the leadership team is for your event and empower them to make decisions. These people can then take steps as necessary to get the show off the ground.

2. Define a Strict Budget

Do not think you have limitless funds to spend on the event. You need to ensure the ROI of the event is as high as possible, especially when marketing ROI is so hard to prove.

Ensure you know how much you can spend, and share that information with everyone. Also, earmark sections of that budget to different areas or different members of the leadership team. This way you can avoid overspending on unnecessary things.

3. Delegate Planning Tasks Among the Team

Allow everyone in the leadership team to delegate further. If they feel those working for them can get things done without them, allow it. This is a cornerstone of good leadership and allows planning to move more smoothly.

4. Set Up Milestones to Meet

As you work, let everyone know what every milestone is. You will have set deadlines where decisions must be made, so ensure everyone meets them.

If you do not, you might find you can no longer get approvals through the event location owners, for example, or even miss a chance to exhibit. Or you might have a harder time finding people to cater, clean, or perform other tasks.

5. Vet Everyone and Everything

It can be very hard to trust everyone you might need to work with at an expo. Still, vetting people is imperative to ensure you do not bring on someone untrustworthy.

If you want to find a large pool of people committed to events, you can always visit an event planning expo. Many people here are leaders in the industry, so you should have the ability to find help from them.

Learn From Corporate Event Planning Experts

With the above advice, your corporate event planning should start to speed up and become more agile. Still, for someone like a New York event planner or another high-profile individual, you might want a little extra visibility. This is when you should consider what the best event planner conferences to attend are.

So, what are you waiting for? All the event professionals are getting together for an event planner networking opportunity of a lifetime. Get your tickets to this year's Event Planner Expo today and join them for their 10th Anniversary celebration.

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