The Event Planner Expo 2024: How to Convince Your Boss to Get Involved

December 19, 2023 Mario Stewart

Every year, The Event Planner Expo attracts thousands of top industry professionals, national brands, and global business leaders to New York City. For three full days, guests can engage in a variety of ways. From the Day 1 Opening Party excitement to the final hour of the Day 3 Closing Party, there are incredible learning, networking, and lead-generating opportunities event pros won’t find anywhere else. In fact, guests land new clients on the spot and walk away with more actionable leads over these three days than they do all year!

While you might be itching to sign up as an Event Planner Expo exhibitor or to get on the waitlist for tickets, you still have to convince your boss that this is an investment worth making. There are hundreds of conferences nationwide every year. But how can you sell the advantages of The Event Planner Expo 2024 to your managers and make sure you’re able to GET IN THE ROOM this October? 

Keep reading. Today, we’re giving you every arrow you need in your quiver to hit the bullseye, convincing your boss that The Event Planner Expo 2024 is not a conference to be missed.

Answer This: How Will The Event Planner Expo Make You Better at Your Job?

One of the first points of contention to address when convincing your boss of the benefits of attending The Expo is personal betterment. When you approach your manager about requesting permission to attend, start by promoting what you stand to gain as a professional individual. Highlight how The Expo can make you better, more informed, and more productive in your role. 

And these are the incredible personal/professional growth advantages you can share:

  • World-renowned Keynote Speakers sharing insights into business, sales, marketing, and events.
  • Expert panel discussions for immersive learning from business professionals.
  • More than 150+ exhibitors representing top event services, ideal for prospecting and forming strategic partnerships for growth.
  • Thousands of top event professionals are in attendance for three days of high-energy networking. 
  • Problem-solve and discover emerging trends in business, marketing, and sales.
  • Generate leads with hundreds of decision-makers and C-level executives in attendance.

Answer This: How Will The Event Planner Expo Create Value for the Company?

The next question your boss will likely ask you involves how your Expo attendance is good for the company. This is your opportunity to share the mind-blowing opportunities guests can ONLY FIND at The Expo. And outline what you can learn, experience, or bring to the table for the betterment of your company. 

These are the notable insights to consider as direct brand or companywide benefits supported by your attendance at The Expo:

  • Represent your company among the thousands of TOP event industry professionals.
  • Position your company as an authority in the industry with an exhibitor booth or sponsorship.
  • Bring valuable insights, solutions, and new leads back to the office.
  • Forge new strategic partnerships for improved brand awareness and stronger growth potential.

Answer This: What Problems Will Attending The Event Planner Expo Help You Solve?

The third pivotal question to be prepared to answer involves what problem(s) your Expo attendance can solve. When you’re looking to convince your boss, highlight the unique challenges and problems you’re facing in your role. Then, promote the solutions you can learn and adopt with your participation at The Expo. Managers are always supportive of new ways to solve problems and enable productivity improvements. Capitalize by focusing your communication efforts on all the potential solutions you can realize as a guest or exhibitor at The Expo. 

Here are just a few of the challenges other event professionals aim to solve by getting involved with The Event Planner Expo:

  • Learn better business practices from global leaders at the Speaker Series.
  • Discover more relevant sales and marketing techniques from panel and fireside chat speakers.
  • Explore innovative new technologies designed to save time, money, and effort in your role.
  • Find your creativity needed to curate incredible events and memorable experiences. 

Answer This: How Are You Prepared to Make the Most of Your Attendance and Participation?

Your managers aren’t going to necessarily be sold by presenting the benefits of The Event Planner Expo alone. Take your pitch to the next level by also outlining how you plan to make the most of your Expo experience. Create a strategy for your involvement that describes “how” you’ll immerse yourself and bring back tangible insights and value. 

Your “how” strategy might include:

  • A complete breakdown of goals associated with each Expo experience or day.
  • Who you’d like to meet or a goal list of past VIP-level attendees you anticipate encountering.
  • How many leads do you intend to generate, based on networking opportunities, to hand out business cards and make formal introductions?
  • Notetaking strategies for each target area you’d like to learn more about at The Expo.

Tips for Convincing Your Boss

Start approaching your boss now about The Event Planner Expo 2024 in October. You’ll want to provide enough information and time for proper consideration. You can also keep these tips in mind when developing your communications and approach.

Following Up Until You Get a ‘Yes’

Introducing The Event Planner Expo to your boss is one thing. But bosses get busy and side-tracked with more pressing duties. They also might see in your email or letter that The Expo is happening later in the year (October,) pushing the need to respond or address to the back burner for now. In convincing your boss, it’s imperative that you continue to follow up to secure your approvals. You can do so by gentle reminders about upcoming deadlines, limited-time ticket offers, and remaining exhibitor space for such a high-profile event. 

Highlight the Return on Investment

Business leaders won’t EVER spend a dime on anything unless they can justify the return on their investment. As you communicate with your boss about attending and participating in The Event Planner Expo 2024, keep your pivotal points focused on the ROI. 

Focus on the numbers and past Expo success:

  • 3 Full Days: Opening Party, Speaker Series, Tradeshow Floor, After Party, VIP Exclusives, and more!
  • 2,000+ Attendees: Top event professionals, hospitality professionals, decision-makers, C-level executives, marketers, brand representatives, human resources, and more!
  • 50+ Speakers: Representing successful businesses and brands.
  • 150+ Exhibitors: Representing the BEST event services, production, and specialists in the industry.
  • Past Keynote Speakers include: Gary Vaynerchuk, Mel Robbins, Marcy Blum, Todd Hartley, and more!
  • Company Participants and Supporters include: BuzzFeed, Google, Columbia, Facebook, Viacom, NBC, Century21, and more!

Provide Social Proof

Despite your best efforts to sell The Expo to your boss, be prepared for additional objections. Your managers might agree with your points and benefits but still aren’t convinced to move forward. If your boss is still hesitant, it could be that they need more proof. Consider providing the social proof to back your claims.

These sentiments are documented reviews and experiences from past Expo guests, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and participants:

  • “The Event Planner Expo offers transformational speakers, engaging content, and exceptional opportunities to connect and network.” — Inc. 
  • “The Event Planner Expo “closes the gap between creativity and technology.” — Forbes.
  • “The one gathering that unites people and companies redefining the global event industry.” — HuffPost.
  • “Every attendee is assured to learn something innovative and stimulating.” — Entrepreneur Magazine.

Commit to Post-Expo Presentation Results

After you’ve presented your reasons, benefits, methods, and proof for attending The Event Planner Expo 2024, it’s time to seal the deal. Get immediate opt-in support from your managers when you outline precisely what you’ll bring back from The Expo to share with the team. This is where you’ll take all that knowledge and all those leads and commit to presenting them to your colleagues. 

FAQs About Convincing Your Boss

Explore these FAQs for quick-response suggestions to additional questions you might have about convincing your boss.

What if my boss still says ‘no?’

If your boss is still reluctant to buy tickets to the Expo, there is likely still objection to the value of your participation. Ask what precisely your boss objects to and reinforce the value based on the response. If it’s the financial commitment, get on the waitlist and look for deep savings and discounts offered in the coming months.

How can I convince my boss to let me participate in all 3 days of The Event Planner Expo?

Share The Event Planner Expo 2024 itinerary with your boss and highlight the opportunities and value for each of the three days of this premier events industry conference. 

What are the best channels for approaching my boss about The Expo?

Know your boss’s schedule and preferred or official communication channels. Usually, an introductory email and a request for a meeting to discuss are the best ways to start. 

We’ll See You at The Event Planner Expo 2024!

Don’t miss out on the premier events industry conference of 2024, and use these insights to convince your boss of every opportunity available. Start engaging now so management has time to process and consider your request. And if you’re great at selling this must-attend event, you might even be able to convince your boss to let your colleagues go, too! 

If you have additional questions about attending, exhibiting, sponsoring, and participating in The Event Planner Expo 2024, contact our team! And act fast, especially if you hope to exhibit on Day 3 at the Metropolitan Pavilion since those booth spaces are already booking fast! Be confident and get inspired - we’ll see you at The Expo!

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