How to Bring the Taste of New York to Your Next Event

February 28, 2023 Mario Stewart

Usually, you’ll rely on the food prep expertise of your catering partner for delivering delicious fare and great event meals. But don’t be afraid to veer away from traditional food prep to think outside the box when event planning. Some of your events, corporate and social alike, might just need a little personality-infused taste of New York. And food trucks are great additions to events!

Middle-Eastern Fare

Could your special event use some crispy falafels or mouth-watering pita creations? The Halal Guys cook up some of the city’s best in Middle Eastern cuisine and have been since 1990. Check out their menu favorites and see if they’re available to make an appearance at your upcoming event.

Greek Favorites

Consider bringing in the talented Greek cuisine artists behind Uncle Gussy’s! With features on the Food Network, the BBC, and the New York Times, you know these Mediterranean and Greek delights are crowd-pleasers. From Greek salads to mouth-watering gyros, your event guests are sure to be delighted.

Waffles & Dinges

Birthday parties, family reunions, and other social events are perfect settings for a little fun and a whole lot of flavor with Waffles & Dinges. These Belgian-style pastry and waffle trucks are all over the U.S., including two popular locations in New York, Midtown, and Koreatown. They’re wildly popular, and their delicious waffles, topped with spekuloos and Belgian chocolate, are unbeatable! 

Best South of the Border Bites

There are more than a few food trucks in New York City offering mouth-watering tacos and south-of-the-border bites. Check out Birria-Landia from Queens, Tacos El Bronco from Brooklyn, or the Tacos Tlaxcala Food Truck for the city’s best tacos and authentic Mexican street food.

Grab a Truck-Window Slice

Consider bringing in a true taste of New York with a food truck offering giant slices of New York-style pizza, like Eddie’s Pizza. Eddie’s Pizza is found around Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and all around New York City weekly and is available for hire. Check out some of their famed variations and let your guests order their best toppings by the slice!

Feel Good Favorites 

Many food trucks offer what most guests consider to be “comfort food.” And Gorilla Cheese is one such feel-good truck vendor. Experience the incredible varieties of truck-made grilled cheese sandwiches, just oozing with cheesy favorites from American to triple cream brie. Your event guests can even order a side of tomato soup, perfect for dipping those delectable, feel-good sandwiches.

Mobile Coffee Shops

Don’t just look for food trucks when you can also bring in incredible beverage trucks, too! For example, The Mudtruck is one of NYC’s first mobile coffee shops, visiting all five boroughs throughout the week. This truck serves up artisanal coffees, espressos, and craft brews your event guests will love. And it’s a more interactive experience than just a static coffee table at your event.

New York event planners can get creative with the food and beverage experiences they bring to each event. And these are just a few of the incredible, mouth-watering trucks to consider in NYC. Infuse your next celebration or corporate meeting with a taste of New York and an interactive experience guests are guaranteed to love. For more inspiration regarding elements of your event planning services, find all the ideas and guidance you need at The Event Planner Expo 2023! All the industry’s top influencers and most successful will be in attendance. And it’s the #1 events industry conference. Learn more about participation opportunities and getting tickets!

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