How Today's Event Planners Are Customizing Their Event Menu Options

May 17, 2023 Desiree Homer

Of all the event elements you coordinate and plan as a NY event planner, the meal and beverage services may be among the most important. And you likely also recognize just how different today’s event menus are from events past. Customization and personalization are the order of the day. And the list below features just some of the ways event planners are elevating and customizing their event menus, in turn, impressing and delighting their guests in a big way.

Signature Cocktails & Beverages

One of the biggest trends in events today involves creating custom and signature drink menus for event guests. From signature cocktails featuring unique tastes and recipes to custom menu drinks that align with event themes, cocktails, and drinks can elevate the guest experience. Consider crafting unique beverage menus for your events and adding another layer of customization.

Satisfying Attendee Meal Preferences

It used to be that catering choices boiled down to chicken or beef. But today’s event planners are working with catering partners to create even more guest-friendly options and add variety to the traditional meal service menu. There are delicious appetizer menus and post-dinner snack bars, for example. And the primary meal itself is presenting more options, including vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian fare, that appeal to nearly every guest’s preferences.

Food & Beverage Can Be Artistic 

Another way that food and beverage experiences are changing is in presentation. Today’s event planners are turning traditional menu options into entertainment. For example, instead of boring self-serve coffee stations, planners are bringing in the talented baristas and cappuccino bars where guests can watch the creative coffee-making, and artistic froth designs first-hand. Consider introducing entertainment value with your food and beverage options, from mixologists and baristas to expert chef carvers. Wow your guests visually and tastefully.

Finding the Right Catering Partners

Considering some of these customization efforts for your event menus is easy. However, before you can elevate your meal and beverage service options at your New York events, you’ll need to have a go-to roster of incredible catering professionals who can help you facilitate your vision. Meet the best of the best caterers at The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! On the trade show floor and among the 3000+ guests networking over three days, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, mingle, and form connections with NYC’s most talented event catering companies. Get tickets today! Develop the strategic relationships with NYC's finest and start customizing all your event menus with engaging results!

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