Top Event Planning Conferences: The Best of the Best

December 1, 2022 Susan Serena

Planning an event takes a lot of effort and time. From finding the perfect location to making sure every detail is taken care of, there are many different things that go into hosting an event.

But if you're looking for an even bigger challenge and a way to really expand your skill set as an event planner, consider attending one of these conferences!

The Event Planner Expo

The Event Planner Expo is held annually in New York, New York. It is an opportunity to network with other event planners and learn more about the business side of the industry. The conference has been running since 2012, so it's definitely something you should keep an eye on if you're interested in attending a conference that has been around for a while.

The Event Planner Expo focuses on community building in addition to helping event planners make money through networking opportunities, marketing practices, following trends, and education. There are plenty of workshops where you can learn new skills as well as meet other people who share your interests or goals within your job role.

Their lineup of speakers are always top-notch, so you can expect to hear from industry leaders and professionals who have been in the field for years.

Event Tech Live

Event Tech Live is a conference for the tech-savvy event planner. The event focuses on how technology can be used to improve event experiences, and it's in London, UK, in March.

It's also one of the few events that has a focus on the future of events, and what will be popular in the coming year or two. You'll hear from speakers who've worked with companies like Google and Facebook when they were still small startups; these speakers have seen some of the biggest shifts in digital marketing over their careers.

ESPA Annual Conference

ESPA is a global association for the events industry, and their annual conference is one of the best places to get up-to-date on all things event planning. The conference covers topics like sustainability, technology in events, diversity in the workplace and even social media marketing strategies you can use to improve your business.

Their 2023 conference will be held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania from January 20th to January 22nd. You can expect to hear some of the best event planning tips from industry experts. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of event planning, this is one conference you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Trend Hunter's Future Festival

Trend Hunter is an online publication that provides insights and news on emerging trends, technologies and ideas.

The company’s Future Festival is a three-day event that brings together futurists, technologists and innovators to discuss the future of technology. In 2023, they are also offering smaller 1-day events throughout some of the top cities in the country!

Some of their past speakers have included founders of startups like SpaceX, robotics innovator Rethink Robotics (makers of Baxter), as well as members from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS)

If you're looking for a three-day, top-notch experience, then the Experiential Marketing Summit is the event for you. The 2023 summit will be held in Las Vegas between May 9th-11th.

The EMS conference brings together speakers from leading experiential marketing agencies with exhibitors from the same. Here’s where you can address your experiential marketing challenges while finding the most effective solutions to help you succeed.

While experiencing all there is to see and do at the summit, make sure to check out the nearby Vegas amenities and join some of the networking events. You'll be able to meet some great new people while enjoying some delicious food as well as fine in this exciting setting!

These events can help you improve skills, learn about new ideas and meet helpful people.

These events can help you improve skills, learn about new ideas and meet helpful people.

If you're a newbie to the event planning industry or just want to get ahead of your peers, these conferences are a great opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

You'll find everything you need on this list, whether you're a newbie or a event prof veteran who wants to keep up with the latest trends.


I hope this list of the top event planning conferences has been helpful to you. If you’re looking to create your 2023 event conference bucket list, we suggest you start by getting on the waiting list to The Event Planner Expo!

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