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September 13, 2019 Susan Serena

In a busy, social media and Internet driven world, it has become easy to rely on using Google searches and online forums to answer your questions and even easier to forget the importance of attending industry conferences and meetings. Being active in the event planning trade shows and having face time with other vendors in the community can help you grow your business, learn about new trends, and expand your creative process.

While internet research can be helpful, there is more substantial information that is offered at live business events. A simple conversation with another trade professional can bring a lifetime of change in the way you conduct business. Add value to your brand by participating in The Event Planner Expo as an attendee or exhibitor to solidly mark your place on the map.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that joining organizations will suffice in the life of their business when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. In order to capitalize on your ROI (return on investment), you must engage and participate in industry events. Here are vital reasons for business owners to take some time away from the daily bustle and participate in The Event Planner Expo 2019. The expo that will be held in New York City offers ample opportunities that can impact the success of your career.

Educational opportunity. However, experienced you may be in your business, there is always room to learn more. Working in an industry that consists of small to large companies can often isolate you because of time consumption. Without exposure to various viewpoints, you can miss out on learning about new trends and ideas that are impacting the industry. The educational aspect of the expo will help expose you to new ways of conducting business and assist you in discovering how to become more productive. Becoming proactive by increasing your knowledge in the event industry can only bring positive results. With so many scheduled activities, you may want to select one subject area to focus on for this year’s expo and work towards mastering it.

Meeting new vendors and suppliers. Quite often, professionals turn away from the exhibitor hall at industry events because of fear of interacting with sales professionals. These vendors and suppliers are some of the best people to know in order to learn more about what’s out there in the events business world. With so many innovative services and products in the event planning business, it is necessary to stay up to date with the competition. Remember that these are the vendors that have a full grasp on what your clientele is using and buying. Investing time in checking out exhibitors and building relationships with suppliers will help you grow in this industry considerably.

Networking. The Event Planner Expo provides you with an excellent opportunity to network. Competitors from other cities can become a grand resource for referrals and even partnerships where applicable. Avoiding colleagues for fear of revealing your own secrets may limit your success. Do keep in mind that some people are looking to reveal what your competitive advantage may be in order to outshine your business. However, most interactions are helpful in uncovering ideas and inspiring you to reach the next level in event planning. There are so many aspects that go into producing an event, that it is vital to form relationships with vendors, venues, and services of all kinds!

Increasing your expertise. When you become active in the event industry, you develop a reputation for being an expert to your clients and peers. Event planners who engage in the long haul are often invited to be speakers at industry events in addition to writing articles for trade publications. Consumers and clients feel reassured when they are doing business with industry experts and companies that are well known. If part of your edge is to be the industries best-kept secret, then you are doing your company a disservice. You will be more valued in your community by being a well-known and exposed event coordinator.

Expanding your trademark. Getting out there and talking to people will allow you to provide unique details to peers about your business and gain visibility. By spreading the word, you can build relationships and collaborations that will bring in creative new ideas for the services and products you provide. Attending the expo offers ways to open doors to like-minded event professionals and encourage them to get together and build lucrative partnerships. The expo is designed to allow companies to work and think together in order to bring their brand to the next level.

Answers to your questions. Whether you are an up and coming event professional or you are an expert in the field, there are always unanswered questions that can be resolved by attending the expo and learning from the other professionals in attendance. Creating a list of questions that you have come across over time and seeking the answers while you are there will make your attendance serve its purpose. You may simply want to compare services, products, or perhaps get a better understanding in a particular area that interests you. All of your answers can be found by creating a document of your goals prior to attending and then making it your mission to check each item off your list before the event comes to a close.

No one parties like we do. What better trade deserves to have fun at a business affair than the event planning industry? None. Being in the business should and does come with rewards and enjoyment. Everyone can probably agree that all work and no play gets old extremely fast. Trade conferences can add layers of fun while learning how to manage your business growth and professional standing. Socializing with your peers and going out after the show to brainstorm and take advantage of exciting Manhattan venues is part of the whole process. Take an extra day either before or after the expo’s scheduled events to enjoy being on the other end of taking part in all that the city’s venues have to offer. For those who are traveling from outside the city, it’s a great way to find leisure time during a business trip. In addition to being in the city that never sleeps, you are amongst event experts, so a good time is guaranteed.

If you want more information about The Event Planner Expo 2019 lineup and what you can expect, check out this schedule right here!

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