13 Designs for Event Planning Websites That Attract More Customers

September 16, 2019 Susan Serena

As of May 2018, employment in the events industry was reported to be about 110,120 in the U.S. excluding self-employed workers. This is how much competition you're getting in the industry.

Your event website is the one thing standing in the way of attracting more customers. As you envision the ultimate layout for your site, keep in mind your type of company and target audience.

Event planning websites need to have an effective, inviting layout and designs. Here are some website designs that will inspire you to create one of your own.

1. Peerspace

Peerspace deals with listing and booking of event spaces. Their website gives you a chance to browse venues depending on your type of event. They use several high definition images to showcase samples of spaces one can hire.

2. Rosetree Weddings and Events

Rosetrees's website isn’t only elegant but also very navigable. Each page contains a navigation bar with dropdown effects. This brings more elegance to the design and makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site.

3. LB Event Planning

One excellent design practice is the use of social media icons and links on your website. LB's web design has a minimalist feel to it. The homepage is brief to-the-point with pink-colored social icons right at the bottom.

4. Headbox

Headbox is a go-to venue booking platform for party planners. Under the header, they've placed a call-to-action for those interested in listing their venues. It's essential to incorporate CTAs in your design to prompt visitors to take your desired action.

5. Bridal Bliss Event Planning

There's nothing that creates a good design like space. Bridal Bliss uses white space throughout their site to attain neatness. A simple, neat website is attractive and an easy walk through for prospects.

6. Sara Renee Events

The ultimate feature in a well-designed site is the use of a slider in the header area. When you walk into Sara's website, you'll be immediately entertained. The header section has a slider full of beautiful images of the events they've planned.

 7. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an award-winning online event management software. Their design is carefully colored with a showcase of the awards they've won. Including awards in your design gives clients confidence in your products or services.

8. Luxe Fete Events

These event planners couldn't hold back on using a stunning design for their website. Instead of showcasing random quality images, they decided to share their portfolio. The site is very image-based and interactive.

9. Lola Event Productions

Good website design starts with a logo placement; ask Lola. Their logo occupies quite some space in the header area. With only an email in small font and tiny social icons, their logo achieves memorability.

10. Liven It Up Events

As mentioned, a good design must have good content to keep readers entertained. Liven it up has included a blog page in their website that gives a recap to their planned events.

11. Plannerwire

Plannerwire is an event and technology blog that shares tips and tricks on related topics. Their home page header copy makes it quite clear on what they’re offering. It's essential that your design communicates your service to prospects at first sight.

12. Endless Events

Did you see that lime green popping in Endless event's website? They've used green as their color scheme throughout the site making the design pleasant.

13. Twenty-Three Layers

These event gurus clearly understand what good web design is all about. Their site is colorful and neatly spaced, but best of all, it's mobile friendly. This means their clients can interact with their website on their phones without endless scrolling to the right.

Excellent Event Planning Websites

To create one of the best event planning websites, you'll need to consider design and content. The idea of having a website is for people to learn about your services and purchase. This means that your outlook should be impressive, but your copy should be persuasive.

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