7 Essential Qualities of the World’s Best Event Marketing Organizations

September 6, 2019 Susan Serena

The event marketing organization that you choose to promote all of your social and/or corporate events is the real backbone of the brand. Their aptitude is the determining factor of your success. When choosing an event marketing company to represent your brand, you have to ensure that they not only understand the importance of marketing event content, but that they’re gurus in publishing on all major online platforms.

Mailers and flyers are a thing of the past, so inviting your target audience and maximizing attendance is all up to the person you put in charge of your event marketing. Before you decide on who to put in charge of your event content, make sure to read below to understand the essential qualities to look for in an event marketer.

1. Relationship Building from the Top

Your event marketer should be doing whatever it takes to build relationships with these two people:

  • CEO
  • Sales Manager

The sales manager should be the company’s greatest advocate for content. If there is no relationship between these top dogs and the event marketer, do whatever it takes to build it.

The goal is to find someone who is the best at event marketing and partner them to work with the people who know the brand the most.

2. Define the Role

Content marketing is a FULL-TIME JOB. Salespeople don’t wear a bunch of hats. Neither should event marketing people.

3. Insourcing

Don’t rely on outsourced content. Unless your brand helped create it, you shouldn’t value it as much.

There are 4 types of content producers in every organization:

  • Writers (People who are good writers. Usually 5% of the org)
  • Actors (People who can be good on camera. Usually your entire sales team with a little training)
  • Talkers (SMEs who can talk forever on a topic but aren’t good as writers or on camera)
  • Questioners (People who field questions from your customers and prospects all day, every day - usually sales and customer support)

Talkers and Questioners are your SMEs. They should be your number 1 resource for material.

4. Start at the Bottom of the Funnel

Your event marketer should know to answer the questions customers ask during the event planning process, not just general topics that are somewhat related.

The top five content topics:

1)            Cost (profits vs. loss)

2)            Problems and solutions

3)            Vs. Comparisons

4)            Reviews

5)            Best or top of

75% of your content should be related to these 5 categories.

Frustrated is the F word of the internet.

A sidebar on price…

Three reasons we don’t like to talk about price on the actual website.

1)            “But then we won’t have sales leverage!” Answer: Everybody knows what you charge anyway, especially your competitors. Are you really going to let your competitors be the ones who tell prospects what you charge?

2)            “But every job is unique!” You don’t have to put a full price list on your site. Instead, provide resources that go through ranges and pricing philosophies. A “guide” too pricing. Not necessarily a price list.

3)            “We’re higher priced. We might lose the sale!” You can’t lose a sale on a lead that never became a lead because they got frustrated looking for pricing info and went to a competitor instead. Research shows that people looking for pricing leave in 10 seconds. You lose EVERY one of those deals.

An informed buyer is more likely to trust you.

5. Make Content Your Greatest Sales Tool

Your sales team should be BY FAR the greatest sharers of your content. They should be using it on the vast majority of their deals. Because it’s that valuable to them.

Most sales teams don’t intentionally use content in the sales process.

6. They produce 80% of their videos in-house

Videos are a sales tool that happens to benefit event marketing. Internal ownership is the future of digital success with video.

7. Measure it. Show ROI. Keep everyone aware.

Send an internal report sharing results. Include as many of these as you can:

  • SEO victories
  • Read, watch, listen stats
  • Lead generation stats
  • Customer comments
  • Sales
  • Revenue attribution

We hope this article helps guide the decision makers of any company so they know the formula their event marketer should implement. Content marketing is crucial in the technological world we live in so it is imperative that you make sure you’re not just handing your event marketing off to a third party without checking that the content they’re producing and promoting has rhyme, reason, and most importantly RESULTS!

For more tips on event marketing and branding for an event, keep checking back on our blog each week to stay on top of the latest in event marketing strategies.

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