4 Benefits of Creating a Video Library of All Your Curated Events

December 15, 2023 Mario Stewart

Let’s talk about your event planning business marketing strategy for a minute. More specifically, how well are you tapping into the power of event videos? Video marketing is a BIG resource for event planners since the live-action content can really capture the atmosphere of a particular event and create a seemingly personal conversation with the viewing audience. But don’t just take some B-roll footage of a few New York events. Instead, create a strategy for capturing every magical event moment on video, creating a video library of assets you can leverage for the growth, promotion, and marketing of your services. 

Before Creating a Strategy for Video Marketing, Do These Things

There are a few steps to take first when launching an official video marketing strategy. Before you start recording any event footage, do these few things.

Get Permission to Use Your Clients’ Event Footage

Consider developing an official clause within your event planning client contract outlining permission for you to use event footage on your website and across your marketing materials.

Choose Your Core Video Channel

You’ll want to decide where your video library will live. Whether you plan to build a YouTube channel or dedicate a page within your website for videos, make these decisions before collecting videos.

Identify Videography Resources

Today’s smartphones and tablets are more than capable of capturing great event videos. However, decide now what equipment and resources you need for editing, polishing, and uploading your videos online. And if you want more elevated video assets, consider exploring videographers or photographers who can help.

Create a Strategy for How You’ll Use Your Video Library

Know your strategy for the video marketing assets you intend to collect. Your strategy will guide you to know what kind of footage to capture, what “categories” of videos to seek out, and your frequency of posting. 

Benefits of Curating a Video Library of Event Experiences

Current research suggests that 71% of marketers claim video conversions outperform any other marketing content. Additionally, 65% of people watching videos watch ¾ of the videos, which is far more engagement time than text content alone. And if these proven marketing statistics don’t convince you, these four additional benefits of video library marketing might.

1. Great for Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re working Facebook, Instagram, or X for your event planning business, nothing engages more on social media than video content. Share videos of people dancing, guest speakers, and meal service to demonstrate how impactful and dazzling your events are. And when those social media audiences need help with their events, you’ll be the first pro they call to recreate those exciting moments for them.

2. Great for Landing New Clients

When you have an entire video library of your various New York events, you also have a unique closing tool for proposing new clients. Choose a few videos that capture how well you’ve planned and executed similar events to the prospect you’re pitching. And use the videos as social proof of your expertise in curating incredible experiences like theirs.

3. Great for Improved Website Visibility

Some of the website metrics you routinely track include unique site visitors, pages visited, and time spent on the pages. Videos are great website assets because when visitors may not have time to “read” content, they’re more likely to click on a video to watch. Promote your library page online and enjoy more clicks and longer time on those pages as people watch videos.

4. Great for Boosting Brand Awareness

You might struggle to find the time to create content calendars for social media, blogs, or company newsletters. But when you’re able to capture videos with your New York events ongoing, you always have fresh content to promote. And the more you have to share, the better your over-arching content strategy will be - thus driving more traffic, more engagement, and more brand awareness.

FAQs About Video Marketing

How important is video marketing in 2024?

Video marketing is the future of audience engagement with 90% of consumers reporting that videos help them make their purchasing decisions.

How do you build videos into your marketing strategy?

Set goals for your videos and build a strategy that allows you to collect footage according to categories of use. Some you’ll want to reserve for event clients, others you’ll use exclusively on social media. 

What video tools are best for creating a video library?

Consider these top video software solutions: Animoto, Biteable, Magisto, Powtoon, Veed.io, and Videoshop.

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