4 Traditional Marketing & Advertising Methods That Still Drive Results

November 15, 2023 Mario Stewart

As an event planning professional, you know how valuable your digital marketing strategies are to your overall business success. You likely rely on captivating website content and landing page funnels, maintain brilliant social media posting schedules, and leverage email marketing for lead generation. But another movement is taking place in the marketing space - and some of those traditional advertising methods are making a comeback. Here are some of those legacy marketing tools that still prove to be effective in the events industry. 

1. Press Releases 

Press releases are high-value tools in the event planner’s marketing arsenal. They’re great for promoting your events, including conferences and fundraisers. Tease new event details or announcements about your speakers. And create several press releases leading up to your event for greater impact. Yes, today’s press releases are digitally submitted and promoted. But it’s a traditional method that proves to be effective still today, especially in the events industry.

2. Local Sponsorships

Look for ways to promote your event planning business locally with sponsorships of community events and causes. From little league teams and signage on the ball field to local post-prom fundraisers and charities, you can still gain brand recognition locally with these traditional advertising methods. Choose those local support and sponsorship opportunities that align with your company mission or brand appeal. And get involved wherever you can at the local level for big momentum and brand awareness over time.

3. Print Collateral

It seems that everyone went digital in a hurry, abandoning the traditional print methods of marketing and advertising. From mailer cards and EDDM to paper stock business cards and physical event programs, most of the industry may have turned away from print. But it’s still a proven method of boosting brand awareness, generating leads, and selling more event tickets. Don’t be afraid to create tangible advertising pieces with all the same creative messaging and CTAs you use digitally. And be the dominant brand in a much less noisy space.

4. In-Person B2B Cold Calling

While everyone else is sending cold emails, warm text messages, and DMs in the chat, you could stand out by stopping by. Traditional cold-calling isn’t going to be your primary method of advertising. But it can be the traditional technique to help you make a great impression on your prospect, put something tangible in their hands, and schedule the important meeting. Do your homework to choose an ideal time to stop in on a top business prospect. Don’t go empty-handed either - bring cookies or snacks, along with your printed business card to leave behind. And remember, these visits are never to pitch your event planning services. Instead, only go in with the intention of asking for a lunch or later meeting.

Stats Supporting the Return to Traditional Advertising

The stats don’t lie. And the four most trusted advertising formats happen to all be traditional platforms. Explore some of these options when promoting your event planning business or local events.

  • Print Ads 82%
  • Television Ads 80%
  • Direct Mail Ads 76%
  • Radio Ads 71%

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