Event Planner Blogging: Why Keyword Strategies Matter for Online Results

December 4, 2023 Mario Stewart

These days, algorithms change by the minute and can seriously affect online search results and your event business’ traffic. Keyword strategies are important to your business ranking. And it’s a concept that involves learning how your key clients are searching online. Keyword strategies and blogging are pivotal and essential for any business, but they are especially relevant for your event planning business.

As an event planner, blogging is an incredible marketing tool to land more event clients, improve event attendance, and create a positive and lucrative online following. We’ll go into why it’s important to keep up with a solid keyword strategy as part of your blogging and marketing strategies. And you can head into 2024 with a winning plan to boost online traffic to your event planning website, funnel more guests to your event apps, and significantly increase your bottom line results with more social and corporate event clients.

Blogging Is an Event Planner’s Engagement Magic Wand

Blogging is a method of engaging your audience that adds to a brand’s authority. It connects with the reader, provides helpful information, establishes rapport, and plays a part in overall site conversions.

As an event planner, it can also serve as a type of forum that can help you set expectations for clients, reach potential attendees, and keep your site and business circulating on the web. Blogs can also be invaluable assets with reach and impact beyond just your website. Well-crafted blogs with great keywords can be used on your social media profiles and within your monthly newsletters, too. 

Why Does Having a Keyword Strategy Matter?

In super simple terms, keywords matter because they’re what the search engines mark and pull from an article, webpage, etc., to satisfy an online query. The more relevant the keywords are to a person’s search request, the greater the chance it’ll show up in front of them.

The higher ranking a search result is on a query page, the more likely a person is to visit that site. Having a solid keyword strategy in place is one of the ways an event planner’s blogs and website can make these rankings.

Old vs. New Keyword Strategy

Keyword stuffing is a strategy that used to be successful in the early days, and now the search engines have gotten smarter and are starting to penalize for it. When keyword stuffing was at its height, searching for something like “best fudge brownie recipe” yielded a site with the phrase “best fudge brownie recipe” in some really odd places, and it made for some annoying and awkward reading.

Now, keyword placement and optimization, with an emphasis on local keywords (like New York events, New York event planner, etc.,) are trending and letting people see a good blend of local and global results.

Here are some general rules for this keyword strategy:

  • Have at least one keyword in your blog post or landing page’s heading.
  • Have at least one keyword in an opening paragraph.
  • Have two to three keywords in content less than 500 words and a few more in longer content.
  • Don’t force the keywords; they need to sound natural in a sentence (otherwise, you’ll be getting into “stuffing” territory.)

Finding Relevant Keywords

Keywords help businesses refine their overall marketing strategy. Knowing what people are typing into their search bars helps understand what prospective readers and clients are looking for and even helps you gain insight into your own brand reputation.

Relevant keywords help you tailor content to the reader. Finding those relevant keywords, though, is sometimes the hard part.

As an event planner, researching relevant keywords can seriously up your blogging game. These keyword research elements include data like the content's relevance, the source's authority, and the volume of a specific keyword. And there are great tools online to help you find which keyword combinations are being searched the most. Check out these popular keyword research solutions:

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