4 Ways to Get More Five-Star Reviews for Your Event Planning Business

September 15, 2022 Jessica Stewart

As you build strategic relationships and provide your best event planning services, you might assume the five-star reviews will come automatically. But the truth is, if you’re not actively seeking those golden stars, you’re not getting as many as you deserve. Because so much of today’s commerce is conducted online, it’s the five-star reviews that will ensure your best positioning. Growing and scaling your New York event planning business depends on those glowing client reviews and testimonials. Here’s what you can do to get more and build trust and confidence online to help you grow your event planning business.

1. Ask & Automate Asking

Every client you sign, every vendor you book, and every guest speaker you hire can be a testimonial for your business. So, create a strategy and series of processes that enforce the “ask.” Ask for the review. Promote the post-event surveys and inquire about feedback. And to make leaving a review easy, provide links to your best review sites, either on social, Google, or Yelp. Get in the habit of asking and make it easy for them to respond.

2. Reciprocate the Five-Star Reviews

The law of reciprocity works well when it comes to reviews. And you can start visiting review sites for your preferred vendors, including New York City venues, catering services, entertainment companies, florists, and more. Start leaving great reviews for them, and then send emails telling them you’ve done so. It makes it easier to ask them to reciprocate when your email starts off with an “I just gave your business a five-star review.”

3. Gentle Reminders Work Well

If you’ve asked a corporate client for an online review or testimonial, and they’ve indicated that they would, stay on top of them. If several weeks go by without a word and you still don’t see a glowing review, it’s perfectly acceptable to send a gentle reminder about it. Provide the link to your preferred review platform and remind them how valuable their feedback is to your success.

4. Review Fatigue Is Real

When you really pay attention, you realize just how many “review requests” you actually receive on any given day. Your clients and partners are likely feeling review fatigue just as much as you are. That’s why it’s important to provide value when asking for someone’s time to rate your event planning service. While it’s never ok to pay for a review (like ever), it is acceptable to incentivize reviews. Just be sure to follow through on discounts or benefits for both good and bad reviews. And look for ways to inspire those who work with you to share their experiences with advantages they can claim immediately.

We live in a trust economy where online reviews build more confidence in brands than they ever have before. Make sure you’re tapping into these tips for increasing five-star reviews for your business. 

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