5 Event Planning Secrets for Flawless Marketing Results

April 4, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planning calls for a different perspective when it comes to marketing strategies. You’ll have one strategy for promoting your own event planning services, for example. But you’ll also have to develop a unique marketing plan for each event you curate for your clients. And those dynamics change in target audience, goals, and methods, every time.

As an event planning professional, you’re a master at hosting engaging events. But you also need to become a master marketer, especially if you expect to grow and scale your business. Check out these top event planning secrets for your marketing strategies that net flawless results. And these apply to marketing effectiveness for your business as well as each event you plan for clients.

1. Find Your Niche First, Every Time

No matter what the objective, marketing is the most effective when it’s targeted. And you can’t target with pinpoint precision until you’ve identified your niche audience. Whether you’re looking to attract event clients to your business or guests to a particular event, going after the primary target audience is key. Narrow down your focus first and develop your marketing plan to go after that core pool of prospects. 

Here are some examples of niche audiences for your event planning business:

  • Corporate event planners should target HR managers, business owners, and executives responsible for making corporate event decisions.
  • Wedding planners should target the newly engaged couples, especially around engagement-related holidays.

Here are some examples of niche audiences for your clients’ events:

  • A fundraising event will raise the most money and attract more attendees when you target community influencers and brands.
  • An industry event will draw more attendees when you target guests within that specific industry.

2. FOMO Makes the World Go ‘Round

When it comes to crafting those compelling ads and content, “fear of missing out” still rules. Regardless of your marketing goals or target prospect, inspire some FOMO wherever you can. Use language and incentives that suggest “everyone else is going” or “everyone else is doing it,” and people will want to join the trend. It’s a human behavioral response event planners should leverage to boost client engagement and event success. 

3. Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak

Event planners dominate in creating memorable experiences. So, when it comes to selling that service, get just as creative about making those messages as memorable as possible. Sell the sizzle, not the steak - meaning, build and sell the excitement. Your prospects will be swayed by contagious enthusiasm. They’ll need to know about the details, but it’s the excitement and the “sizzle” that will convert them.

4. Be Selective About Your Marketing Channels

There are several marketing channels that are wildly effective. But they’re not ALL going to be cost-efficient or needed with every marketing objective or event goal. Be selective about choosing the right marketing channels that work well together and drive results. For example, Facebook Lives drive more results than TikTok. And depending on your target audience, reels, and lives work better than static content sharing. And remember, event email marketing is still dominating, with 70% of event planners reportedly still relying on the inbox to generate event results.

5. Stop Chasing; Start Attracting

Event marketing is all about attracting, not chasing. Stop chasing your targets, throwing new content and messaging at them, hoping something will stick. Instead, position your event marketing as a magnet designed to attract prospects to learn more, engage more, and convert more. Develop the personas that best represent your target audiences so you can speak to those unique preferences. Dangle lucrative carrots that solve their problems or propose an easier, more exciting, or more convenient solution. And stay on top of your niche market so you can shift with audience changes and continue positioning your brand or your event as the no-braining opt-in choice every time.

Keep these marketing strategy secrets and insights in mind as you plan new event marketing campaigns and improve your event-planning business strategies. Stay dynamic with how you market your business and your New York events using these techniques. Learn more marketing secrets, too, by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Get in touch now to take advantage of any remaining exhibitor or sponsorship opportunities, and be sure to get your tickets!

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