Elevate Your Event's Hashtag Strategy with These 5 Insights

May 5, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planners know that a brilliant event marketing strategy includes TONS of social media presence and effort. You’ll have campaigns, event profile pages, and event-specific groups. You’ll also be diligent about social media marketing for your own business, using all the tools to help grow your event business. But how effective is your hashtag game? Are you squeezing every benefit of using hashtags for both your events and your own business?

If you need some hashtag strategy help, keep reading. Today, we’ll share killer insights and event-boosting strategies for hashtag success.

1. Create Fresh Hashtags for Each Event

Talk with your event clients ahead of time about creating branded hashtags for their events. Collaborate and get creative with fresh hashtags no one’s using yet. And then implement those pre-determined hashtags with every marketing and event communication you engage. Share them in emails, mass event advertising campaigns, and everywhere you can on social media. 

2. Join Trending Hashtag Topics 

Depending on your event theme or cause, you might be able to join an existing and trending hashtag for boosted event awareness and promotion. For example, if you’re hosting an event at a high-profile New York event venue, talk with the venue about sharing hashtag strategies to increase event reach and frequency.

3. Raise Awareness for Fundraising Events

Use your hashtag strategy to generate awareness and drive donations with every fundraising event or charity gala you produce. Again, coordinate with your client about selecting catchy, best-fit hashtags to use for the event specifically. Then create a cascade of additional hashtags that lend credibility to your event objectives.

4. Build a Community Around Your Hashtag

Every hashtag you create provides you with an opportunity to build a community of followers. Don’t just post hashtags. Ask your audience to use them within their social media posts. Encourage others to share your hashtag whenever they post about the event. And definitely make sure all your event attendees know what hashtag to use when they’re uploading all those event day selfies.

5. Get All the Best Marketing Advice at The Expo

As you develop your social media marketing strategies for every event you plan, don’t forget to get creative about your hashtag strategy. Keep these insights handy and talk with your clients about their ideas. And if you’re still on the hunt for juicy advice about improved marketing for events and your business, get in the room with top events industry experts at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Secure your booth on the tradeshow floor or become a sponsor for massive brand exposure, too. Don’t wait!

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