Event Marketing: 5 Methods to Improve Attendance

May 29, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planners like you already have proven methods for marketing each unique event they curate. But there is always room for event marketing improvement, especially when your goal is to boost attendance. Check out these marketing best practices to get more people to your events and talking about your event experiences.

1. Promote the Event Experiences

Don’t just market the event itself; create marketing outreach and campaigns that also promote the various experiences at your upcoming event. Promote the entertainment, the silent auction, or the food. Tell the story behind the meaning or purpose of the event. And highlight what’s in it for your guests to entice better attendance rates.

2. Involve the Community

Whenever possible, make your New York event a community affair. Involve or invite local businesses, government figures, or prominent charities. The more organizations you include, the broader your event audience will be. And you can essentially deputize these entities into helping promote the event using their channels and to their audiences.

3. Press Release Announcements

Make official announcements about your event, the venue partnership, or your keynote speakers with press releases. Include local media in your marketing efforts to boost awareness about your event. And each event you curate could benefit from as many as three to five different press releases leading up to the day of your event.

4. Email Campaigns at Every Stage

You’ll have social media marketing, event apps, and dedicated event landing pages to help spread the word about the event. But it’s also best to create email campaigns using different sequences leading up to your event. Your first stage might introduce the event itself. The second or third stage might highlight keynote speakers or special ticket discounts. And as your event date approaches, your emails should be more urgent about guests attending. 

5. Introduce VIP or Premier Guest Options

Improve event attendance by creating various tiers of guest experiences. Maybe offer early access or VIP perks with a higher ticket price. People respond more favorably when they have options. Instead of “yes or no” to your event, you can create levels of different experiences prompting a “choose a, b, or c” instead.

Look to incorporate these methods for improving your New York event attendance. And discover more valuable event planning insights when you attend The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Get tickets for all three days and learn more, network more, and grow more than with any other events industry conference!

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