Social Media Growing Stagnant? Breathe New Life Into Yours with These 5 Tips

June 2, 2023 Mario Stewart

Despite your best marketing efforts, you might notice a lull over your social media profiles. Whether it’s less enthusiastic responses to your event marketing or lackluster engagement with your event planning business posts, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Breathe new life into all of your social media marketing with these suggestions and start seeing better results with renewed energy and enthusiasm from your audiences.

1. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Sometimes, if your Facebook, Insta, or Twitter start to feel too much about you, it might be a turnoff to your online audience. Instead of “hey, look at what we’re doing” type posts, do something big and make it all about “them.” Contests and giveaways are great methods for boosting visibility, engagement and infused energy into your social profiles. People will be eager to participate so long as it’s EASY and the rewards are juicy. Don’t skimp on the handouts. Promote it, be transparent about it, and re-engage with your audience in an authentic way.

2. Ask a Fun Series of Questions with Related Hashtags

Get people talking again by creating a topic strategy and a series of posts that asks fun and engaging questions to your followers. Develop sharable hashtags, too. Change up posting about yourself and your events with fun, non-event-related questions that just bring people back to your profile to chat again.

3. Get Great at Reels

Reels are light-hearted, fun, and engaging. If you’re not using them yet or are not effective in rolling them out on social, get started! Create a strategy for using reels in tandem with your existing video marketing strategies. They’re often unique snippets of video content that make fun first impressions that lead to further page exploration and engagement.

4. Comedy Is the Best Medicine

If your social media engagement is all work or “salesy” in promoting your event planning business, it’s time for a change. Hit pause on the “call me” motivation and try infusing comedy into your feeds. A few hilarious memes or in-good-taste videos can boost likes and shares quickly. And it demonstrates your personality, which is why people work with you in the first place.

5. Humanize Your Brand

Don’t be shy about putting your face on social media, either in snapshots or in quick “check-in” selfie videos to your fans. Remind your social media audience that there’s a human behind all those event services and industry activities. And be relatable about your messaging, like struggling to find your phone or keys in the morning or sitting in traffic. 

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