6 Blog Topics You Should Be Writing About on Your Event Planning Website

March 30, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Another way to grow your New York event planning business is with an ongoing blog series on your website. You can get a TON of miles out of each blog, with cross-promotional opportunities on social media and within your email campaigns. But if you’re not talking about the right topics, your target audience will blow right by without consuming a piece of text. So, here’s some inspiration about what event planners should be writing about in their blogs to drive continued engagement and lead generation.

1. Solve Your Clients’ Problems

First and foremost, when creating your content calendar, do the deep blog topic dives into the pain points and problems your event prospects experience the most. When a potential event client reaches out to you, what do they say they need help with the most? Use those problems as pillars for blog topics to explore. When your top prospects encounter those titles, they’ll be more inspired to read further since it feels like you’re speaking directly to their needs.

2. Pique Their Interests

Don’t create blogs just for the sake of generating content. You’ll be mindful to include best SEO practices and keyword strengths, sure. But you also want to remember that the primary goal of a blog is to catch the attention of your target audience. And topics that are actually interesting win out over generic titles every time. Consider having fun with your blog titles, inciting a little humor or conversational statements. Ask questions and build anticipation for the content that follows. 

3. Share Advice and Insights

Don’t keep your event planning best practices all to yourself. Share valuable event planning advice within your blog series. Demonstrate to your readers and followers that not only do you know what you’re doing, but you’re also willing to share insights for others to plan great events, too. When you offer helpful and real advice, you’ll train your audience to keep coming back for more. And more importantly, when they need to hire a pro, they’ll already trust in your knowledge and expertise.

4. Position Yourself As the No-Brainer Choice

Share lists of creative event planning ideas, planning checklists, and local venue hotspots. But with each easy-to-consume listicle, be sure to also position yourself as the most logical partner and choice for event planning. Give a host of options, drawing the correlation that you know better than anyone else about this particular topic. And more often than not, instead of making their own selections, they’ll reach out to you for help in making the best decision.

5. Highlight Your Community Involvement

Use your event planning blog as a channel for sharing your involvement and support within the local community. Talk about charitable causes you support and volunteerism efforts. Your blog can inspire additional support from others and share across social media platforms. But it also demonstrates your commitment to the local community and involvement. Highlight your good deeds, and your audiences will associate your brand with your good works.

6. Celebrate Industry News

Your event planning blog is also a great channel for sharing industry news. Celebrate other event planners and lift up those with your space who can then reciprocate the support. Do your part to advance the events industry as a whole by celebrating revolutionary tech breakthroughs and event industry results. When you routinely “tell” your audience about how strong the industry is and how pivotal event planning is within the industry, they’ll believe you.

Keep these blog topic insights in mind as you explore ways to improve your content creation and results. And for more marking strategies for event planners, prepare to learn from the best at The Event Planner Expo 2023

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