6 Brilliant Ways to Get More Interactions with Your Event Planning Social Channels

November 1, 2022 Mario Stewart

How are your event planning social media channels performing? Are you getting the traction you’d hoped? Is your audience engaging with your content and posts in the form of likes and shares? Or are you starting to experience a lull in social media interactions?

It’s not uncommon for social media marketing efforts to grow stagnant rather quickly. The key to a successful strategy is knowing when to change things up and introduce new concepts. If you’re feeling like your event planning business profiles could use a boost, these are brilliant ways to get more interactions. 

1. Start with Your Metrics

It might feel like no one’s interacting with your social media profiles, but check the data first. Your engagement analytics, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, will show you where your profile strengths and weaknesses are. It’s the metrics that will show you precisely how to improve, which could be messaging, post frequency, or better digital assets.

2. How Valuable or Engaging Is Your Content?

If you’re only posting text statements with links, you’re probably inspiring a few yawns among your audience. Consumers today need authentic, valuable content with some entertainment factor. Keep your posts topical and easy to consume. In fact, short-form videos, live videos, and brilliant imagery are the three most engaging social media assets. Consider sprucing up your content calendar with more visual components and watch your engagement numbers soar.

3. Ask Questions and Make It Shareable

Another way to inspire your audience to interact with your event-planning social media profiles is by asking fun and easy-to-answer questions. And it doesn’t have to be about events in particular. Ask your audience about their plans for the weekend or which New York events they plan to attend this month. Additionally, along with those fun and engaging questions, post fun and exciting sentiments others will want to share. Posting about a community event, for example, will inspire others to help you spread the word. Posting cute, funny, and witty (within reason, of course) will inspire reactions and sharing, too.

4. Posting Frequency and Timelines

You might be confident that your content and profiles are top-notch. So, if you’re still experiencing lulls in your social media engagement, it could be a timeline thing. Consider A/B testing posting on different days of the week, along with times of the day. Every social platform will be different, too. For most brands, the sweet spot is one to two posts per day. But you can be just as effective if you’re smart about post timing with fewer days each week. And whatever frequency you settle on, make sure you maintain consistency.

5. Get Creative and Be Human

Use the Instagram filters. Go live while you’re setting up a New York conference. Use hashtags and reels to change things up in your content schedule. Share your stories as an event planner in a human way and start connecting more authentically with your audience. It only takes a few minutes to record yourself telling a story of the day. And that few minutes will net increased interactions. It also demonstrates the person behind the brand, which builds trust and loyalty among your followers. 

6. Improve Your Response Times

Keep the conversations going by responding to comments and questions quickly. When people interact with you on social media, like or love their comments. Don’t wait days to respond, as it will make you appear unavailable. Be present with your audience when you can, and make it a habit of interacting back with them as soon as you are able to do so. If your schedule is hectic, delegate someone else in your business to monitor and respond on your behalf. 

Boost your event planning social media interactions by tapping into some of these insights for improvement. And to really step up your marketing strategy efforts, get in the room with the top industry professionals in events, hospitality, and marketing at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get on the waitlist to start receiving announcements and opportunities for the #1 events industry conference of the year!

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