Marketing Your Events: 4 Tips to Improving Attendance

November 7, 2022 Jessica Stewart

You’ve checked all the boxes, coordinated all the vendors, and planned for every detail with your next New York event. But have you also developed a robust marketing strategy to launch your event, invite guests, and improve attendance results? If you’re not sure your marketing plan has enough reach and frequency power, check out these tips for improving your New York conference or event’s overall attendance.

Schedule a Timeline of Special Offers

If your New York event calls for ticket purchases, create a calendar timeline of special offers. Incorporate some “Early Bird” perks and “Group Offers” that potential guests can’t afford to miss. Consider referral incentives or promo codes for event influencers, too. And during the week prior to the event, it might help to offer half-off deals or complimentary passes. 

Weekly Reminders to Build Excitement

Create a countdown to your New York conference or event and develop corresponding campaigns with email marketing and social media. Remind invited guests about event details and guest speakers. Reiterate the value of attending with each email message or social post. And as the event draws nearer, increase the frequency of those campaigns. You’ll build excitement and create a sense of urgency for attendants to respond.

Sell the Wow Factor

When you market your event, be sure to highlight the wow factor elements first. Don’t bog down any messaging with all the details. Audiences receiving emails, seeing your posts on social, or engaging with your ads aren’t going to invest the time into reading lengthy event descriptions. Instead, pluck the two or three most exciting and value-driven elements about your event to promote. Maybe it’s a celebrity guest or popular keynote speaker. It could be a prize drawing or a surprise performer. Pique their interest with the wow factor first and lead them to additional information and details with landing pages and sequences.

Leverage the Event’s Biggest Fans

Depending on the type of New York event or conference you’re planning, you’ll likely have a unique group of loyal attendees already signed up and ready to go. These loyal fans might include a company’s employees or an organizational sponsor. Maybe you have a roster of exhibitors who can help spread the word about the event in tandem with your marketing efforts. Any event supporters you already have in the wings can be instrumental in building excitement with you. Share event resources and messaging with them so they can consistently reach their networks with similar enthusiasm.

What are some of your tips and secrets for boosting event attendance results? Consider beefing up your marketing strategy with these insights. And remember, there are more insights like this and more for those who attend The Event Planner Expo 2023 next October. Get on the waitlist now to get your reminders, special offers, and announcements about exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities!

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