Here’s How To Make Your Next Event’s Marketing Video Pop

March 4, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Are you stuck for promo video ideas for your next event? Maybe you know that video is an essential part of marketing these days, but you don't know where to start. 

Have no fear—we have a few event video ideas that will make it easy to get started. Here's how to make your next event's marketing video pop.

Event Promo Video: Vlog

Instead of simply advertising to your audience with a traditional promotional video, generate a buzz with a Vlog. With over a billion and a half users logged in on YouTube every month, it's a great platform to promote your event.

Not only that but according to wyzowl's 2020 digital marketing survey, 88 percent of marketers plan to use YouTube in their marketing strategy this year. What this means for you is that you'll be joining the majority of marketers in utilizing YouTube to reach your audience.

Start a few weeks before the event and interview organizers, invite guest speakers, and have a panel discussion. Highlight workshops and show clips from previous events. All of this will give your audience a taste of what they can expect from the event.

You can also include behind the scenes photos, sneak peeks, and how-to videos that explain where to get tickets, how to prepare for the event, information on how to become a vendor or exhibitor, and more. Promote specific activities and entertainment as well. 

Live Steam the Event: Shared Experiences

There's no better way to leverage the buzz from your vlog than with a live-stream. You can collect testimonials from event-goers and live stream all of the fun. Afterward, you'll be able to save the video and post it on the vlog. 

Try live 360-degree video to allow remote audiences to attend an event online virtually. Be sure to make the content sharable and invite industry influencers to host. Also, make sure to encourage user-generated content and show your appreciation with a comment when they post.

Corporate Promo Video Ideas

Of course, you can still include a corporate event promo video to promote the brand, product, and services. Some event video ideas to make your promotional video pop are fun animated explainer videos that allow the business to show some personality and get into a more in-depth explanation of what the company has to offer.

A few other easy corporate video ideas include: 

  • Share your brand's journey with a story
  • Produce customer video testimonials
  • Team member day in the life videos
  • Answer frequently asked questions

Keep a stream of corporate promo videos rolling throughout your event, and later you can post them on the vlog to keep the excitement going.

Gather Your Event Video Ideas

Now that you have an arsenal of promo video ideas, why not take the first step and start with your event vlog? If you need some more inspiration from industry professionals, then check out The Event Planner Expo. Top event professionals and industry leaders will gather to learn from business leaders and see the best venues and services in the events industry.

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