Running Low on Social Posting Ideas? 6 Ideas for Inspiration

August 24, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Event planners are in the business of being social. So, why is managing social media tedious sometimes? You routinely juggle a host of tasks, including posting on your event planner social media profiles. But even the most successful New York event planners run short on posting ideas from time to time. If you’re in one of those social posting ruts right now, keep reading. Today, we’ll help you get inspired. You’ll be posting and engaging on social media again in no time!

1. Content Repurposing 

Don’t presume that once you’ve posted something, it can never be shared again. In fact, one of the best methods for getting the most mileage out of your existing content is by repurposing it. Go back through some of your event planner blogs, social posts, and success stories. Look for relevant ideas that can be re-shared today, with maybe a new perspective or new relevance. Check out some of your most popular hashtags and bring some of those past conversations to life in a new way and get everyone talking and sharing again.

2. Create a Content Series

Maybe your event planner profiles need something different in the way of post formatting. Consider introducing a content series of posts surrounding a particular topic or niche you enjoy most. Daily, weekly, or monthly posts as part of a social media content series can be a great way to inspire followers to keep up with your pages.

3. Demonstrate a How-to

Offer something in the way of advice by posting a how-to or tutorial. Share your knowledge and expertise with a quick video about arranging event centerpieces or choosing floral arrangements. Be a wealth of knowledge for your target audience, and you’ll soon be building a reputation as an influencer or expert in your niche. Your followers will always come back for more “freebies” in the form of tips, tricks, and insights, too.

4. Share Others’ Announcements

Your New York event planning social pages don’t always have to be about you and your events. Demonstrate your support by sharing announcements or news that others within the industry have to post. Maybe some of your vendors or event partners have something new to share that you can subsequently share via your profiles. You’ll be putting something new into your audiences’ feed, and you’ll also be grooming those strategic vendor relationships, too.

5. Highlight Community Support

Anytime you do something supportive or charitable within your neighborhood or community, share it. Align your event planning business, and brand with New York causes that matter to you. Then you can always have social media posts to share about fundraising initiatives and organizations that welcome increased exposure. 

6. Contests, Giveaways, and Challenges

Consider building some enthusiasm and suspense with a little friendly social media competition. Create contests, fun giveaways, or challenges for your audience of followers. Make sure it’s something easy for them to participate in and shower participants with praise and gratitude. Games and contests are great tools for increased engagement and for building more excitement around your profile and brand.

Get inspired by some of these tips for rejuvenating your social media posts. And for more insights for improving your event planning business engagement, don’t miss The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October! Get your tickets now!

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