Seeing a Decline in Views? 4 Tips to Boost Visibility of Your Event Planner Videos

August 11, 2022 Jessica Stewart

What do you do when some of your most trusted marketing strategies stop working? More specifically, what can you do to rejuvenate a tired video marketing campaign? You know videos are essential in promoting your event planning services. You know that using video is far more effective than text communications alone. And there’s no better way to convey an event experience than with engaging videos. So, what do you do if you start losing views and see a decline in video response? 

Keep reading. Here’s a host of invaluable tips to help boost the visibility of your event planner videos.

1. Conduct a Video Marketing Audit

As you would with every other marketing strategy within your business, if things lose luster, it’s best to start with an audit. Conduct a thorough review of the metrics and data for your current video marketing efforts to identify areas of improvement. Look specifically for these key elements of a top-notch video strategy.

  • Has your target audience changed?
  • Are you still reaching your target audience where they spend most of their time?
  • Do you have a plan for your event planner videos?
  • Is your messaging still on point with your videos?
  • Are you tracking properly for views, engagements, and shares?

With these pillars in place and proper answers to these questions, you can then begin to explore other areas of your video marketing to boost visibility and engagement. 

2. Maximizing YouTube & TikTok

YouTube and TikTok are the primary video channels in your arsenal. Globally, more than one billion hours are spent on YouTube alone. That’s a lot of noise to cut through to gain traction with your video content. Here are suggestions for improving your YouTube and TikTok efforts, so you can reach your target audience, despite all the online congestion.

A basic look at fundamentals is a great place to start:

  • Make sure your visual brand identity is consistent across all images and videos.
  • Make sure your profile and about sections are engaging and completed in line with your New York event planning objectives.
  • Make sure your contact info is visible and accurate, so brand partners, event clients, and vendors can find you.

It’s also important that when you publish video content on TikTok and YouTube, you also focus your messaging on a specific niche. Get precise and be fierce about tackling your unique differentiator. Hone in on your secret sauce with each video you produce and offer. 

Check Your Video Search Ranking

YouTube isn’t just a video platform. All those users also use it as a search engine. If you’re event planning videos are losing visibility, you can check your SEO to ensure your videos are optimized for searching.

Check Your Metadata

The most popular videos have great metadata, satisfying the algorithms. Make sure your event planning videos have keyword strength and look to align with “videos watched together.”

Check Your Thumbnails

If you want event planning prospects to find your videos, make sure your thumbnails are customized and speak to them. It’s how they decide what to watch.

3. More Engaging Videos on Facebook & Instagram

When you’re evaluating the performance of your event planning videos on Facebook and Instagram, you can look for a few key areas to improve. From creative copy and personalized captions, you could make a bigger splash with your video marketing content.

Here are some other tips:

  • Try square videos
  • Try tap for sound options
  • Try focusing on one key point per video
  • Try reworking for more engaging titles

4. Try Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter Boosting

Videos with Tweets will get 10x more engagement, and data says people watch almost one billion videos each day on Pinterest. And 68% of video marketers said they’d embrace LinkedIn video this year. If your videos are losing their luster on the traditional video channels, consider developing a video marketing plan for these other platforms. You can grow your brand awareness and tap into a broader audience of potential event planning clients.

With the general public spending an average of 19 hours every week watching online videos, according to HubSpot, it’s important for New York event planners to step up their video marketing game. Consider these ideas for improving visibility and engagement for your videos. And follow our ongoing blog series for more marketing insights for broadening your reach and growing your event planning business!

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