Some of the Biggest Industries Looking to Host Events That You're Not Talking to Yet

July 29, 2022 Jessica Stewart

As a New York event planner, it’s easy to fall into the stagnation trap where you find yourself planning only a small niche of events. And before you know it, you’re feeling stuck only engaging with certain business types, industries, or market segments. If you’re looking for inspiration in branching out and reaching new event planning or conference clients, keep reading. Here are some business industries you may not be talking to yet but should be. Ask yourself these questions and broaden your client horizons!

Which Companies Are Exploring Virtual Events?

Nearly every industry segment is exploring virtual events these days. And there are virtual event planning opportunities for New York event planners to expand into entirely new markets, including retail, automotive, real estate, technology, and more. Any company on your target list can become a prospect for marketing virtual event planning assistance. It’s enough to get you in the room and start the conversation with new decision-makers who can become new clients for events, conferences, and beyond.

How Can You Help Businesses with Grand Openings?

New companies are forming every day, both brick-and-mortar and digital alike. As a New York event planner, you should always be looking for these new company launch announcements so you can offer grand opening celebration planning. Launch parties and grand openings are critical for new businesses. And you can be marketing yourself as the best partner for planning the biggest and most engaging grand openings.

Which Businesses Are Planning Company Holiday Parties?

Most companies are looking to do employee appreciation and company-sponsored holiday events for their teams. These aren’t just corporate entities, either. Branch out to other brands and industry segments not currently in your wheelhouse, and inquire about their plans to celebrate with their staff this year. It could be your foot in the door as the event planning solution for year-end parties, team-building conferences, employee award ceremonies, and more!

What Industry Conferences or Meetings Are You Missing?

Some of the larger companies, with regional, national, and global footprints, will have shareholder and board meetings often. Some are quarterly; others are annual. But all of these engagements are meeting opportunities that you tap into for a broader audience of event planning prospects. Market your ability to create incredible company experiences for all attendees, both in-person and virtual. And you’ll find you soon have a new pool of client prospects ready to hire you for these meetings and other corporate events that need planning.

Which Businesses in Your Community Are Celebrating Anniversaries?

New York event planners have to keep their fingers on the pulse of all things going on in the city, including when local brands are preparing to celebrate milestone anniversaries in business. And these also present great opportunities for you to explore new industries and market segments. Reach out and connect with these companies to congratulate them on their growth and success. You can then position yourself as the ultimate guide in planning a milestone celebration event to help them squeeze the most mileage out of their big anniversary year.

Yes, identifying your specialty event planning niche is important to your business. But you can always look to branch out and explore new client opportunities in other segments. Don’t grow stale with your prospect lists, and consider these tips for broadening your horizons! You can also prepare to grow your business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October. Get in the room with new decision-makers, large-budget businesses, and new company reps! Contact us, too, to position your brand as an industry leader with sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities!

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