Top 10 Supercharged Hotel Marketing Strategies That Increase Bookings

April 16, 2020 Jessica Stewart

According to research from the American Hotel and Lodging Association, hotel industry sales have increased by almost 44% since 2010. American jobs supported by the hotel industry are growing each day with many American hotels seeing continual increases in their visitors.

The question is, is your hotel seeing the same results? If you're looking for effective ways of boosting your bookings, here are 10 supercharged hotel marketing strategies that are guaranteed to help you see growth.

1. Get Social

Fewer hotel-goers are finding a place to stay through sources like travel agencies. Instead, they are seeing where their friends on Instagram stay or clicking on ads in their Facebook feed.

Create selfie opportunities for your customers to post and tag your hotel's awesome pool, breakfast bar, or superb service.

2. Go Techy

The world is changing and the hotel industry with it. Guests are far more likely to feel comfortable booking a room with you for the first time if you can show them a virtual tour of it first.

Use technology in your marketing to provide more accessibility to your team for answering questions, letting guests register with mobile devices, and more.

3. Ramp Up Your Rewards

Let's assume your hotel already has a rewards program for frequent guests. Make it well worth their time. 

Offer surprise rewards for guests that help build your brand. Provide discounts, upgrades, tickets to a show or a dinner out. Incentivize your guests to stay with you often or they'll go somewhere else that does.

4. Showcase Your People

Put your people front and center and instantly your hotel has a name and a face that customers can identify with. 

Who works for you? What passions do they have that make them great hotel employees? On your website or other visible places, let customers see that your people are where your brand's heart is.

5. Keep a Blog

If you are not updating a company blog at regular intervals, you're missing out on incalculable value in the way of SEO. 

The hard facts are, if your hotel is not showing up in internet searches, people won't book with you. Writing a proper blog with the right keywords and content is absolutely essential to growing your hotel business.

6. Create Local Partnerships

Learn to network with the best local restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in your area and trade advertising.

The more you get your hotel out there and associated with other local hot spots, the more bookings you'll see rolling in.

7. Invite Experiences

Seek opportunities to play host to conventions, community events, or seasonal parties.

The more people see your hotel through outside events, the more likely they are to return for a future stay.

8. Provide Quality

Just because something is simple doesn't mean it's not effective. One of your best marketing strategies is to just offer great service to customers. 

All the ads in the world won't make up for a crumby stay.

9. Encourage Word of Mouth

Find ways to reward customers for referring friends to stay with you. Again, the level of service you provide will go the farthest in encouraging customers to spread the word about your hotel.

10. Offer Discounts

Local advertising at community events like parades, seasonal parties, school performances and more are great ways to offer discounts for booking a hotel stay.

What customer doesn't like booking a hotel where they can use a 15% off coupon?

More Hotel Marketing Tips

Hotel marketing can be handled through numerous approaches. Getting expert advice on the best marketing strategies for your hotel is wise.

Check out our schedule of events and attend one of our event planner expos for more ideas on marketing for your business.

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