Your Guide to Effective Event Branding

February 14, 2020 Susan Serena

Event branding is one of the best ways to capitalize on a well-attended corporate event. You've got the people, you've got the venue, and the big night's arrived. How do you make the best of the few hours you have to brand yourself in front of your attendees?

Join us today, for a short breakdown of what goes into an effective event branding campaign and get ready to make an impact.

Event Branding: What Is It?

Putting branding under the microscope, we find a collection of elements that work together to capture the essence of your brand. And when it comes to event branding, this targets your event specifically. It's a process that combines graphic design and decorating to pens, stickers and free swag.

But those are just the parts that make up the whole. What is the point of event branding? To make a statement. And the best way to make a statement is to use all of your resources to create unique branding ideas for better results.

Event Site

There's no getting around our first point in today's article: you aren't going to get anyone new to attend if you aren't online. A great event website is an opportunity to make a great impression.

Visually, the elements to keep in mind are:

  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • Themes

Do your best to be creative. With a gorgeous site and the right event ticketing tool in your corner, you can carry your brand out into the world for better results.

Location Branding

Just because everyone on your guest list is in attendance doesn't mean you're done marketing. Next comes location branding, a key pillar in all comprehensive corporate branding ideas. You'll want to move your branding materials from your digital communications to the event venue itself. People need to see a through-line from online to the venue itself. 

Walk through the event space before completing the setup. Take a walk from the entrance and walk to your seat as if you were a guest in attendance. Pay attention to what the customer may see as they walk through, what is at eye level, and what is near their table.

Hang banners, place signboards, and make sure every choice you make fits the image you're trying to promote.

Here are a few more great event branding ideas.

Branded Uniforms

Make sure to dress your staff and management team in on-brand uniforms, in order to cement the overall package. These are people your guests will be interacting with all night, so don't waste the opportunity.

Stair Wraps

In the event your location has a prominent or central staircase, a branded stair wrap is one of the strongest ideas for branding there is.


As the marketing landscape continues to grow, influencers are more important to your marketing than they've ever been. Reach out to figures within your industry, based on their follower numbers, and ask for opportunities to have them promote your event. You'd be surprised who says yes but, also, how quickly a guest list can fill up when someone with enough influence tells people about it.

Event Branding

Effective branding, whether it be regular or event branding, comes down to commitment to the brand and translating it from one medium to the next. If you can show people at an event the brand they saw online or on TV, you have the fishline you need to keep them hooked. And the harder you can grab them, the bigger the chance you have of retaining them.

Looking for more great guide to branding corporate events content? Check out the rest of our awesome blog content, today!

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