How to Create VIP Experiences for Your NYC Event Sponsors

January 5, 2024 Mario Stewart

Let’s talk about your strategies for approaching and landing event sponsors. How effective are they? More importantly, are you securing high-value sponsors for all your New York events? If you feel you could improve your efforts and want to land more incredible revenue-boosting event sponsors in 2024, keep reading. Today, we’re highlighting the value of creating VIP event experiences for your sponsors. And we’re outlining how you can create these memorable and exclusive event experiences so you’ll always bring in great event sponsors.

Treat VIP Sponsors to Concierge Services

Invite VIP sponsors to relax and enjoy themselves even more with exclusive concierge services just for them. These types of exclusive services can sweeten the sponsorship package and help you bring in more event sponsorships.

Make VIP Lounges Available to Exclusive Sponsors

Be sure to create dedicated luxury spaces available to your VIP event sponsors, including private access lounges. Don't just call your sponsors "VIP" when you can create unique, sophisticated spaces for them to relax, charge their devices, and get away from the high-energy event crowd.

Step Up the VIP Sponsorship Swag

Consider elevating your event swag for participating VIP sponsors and include extras like spa packages, high-tech gifts, or innovative products. When everyone else is getting their complementary event-branded totes, make sure your VIPs walk away with something unique and exclusive just for them.

Create a Dedicated VIP Networking Group Online

Make VIP sponsors feel extra special before, during, and after the event by creating VIP event groups online for exclusive networking. Provide digital communities where "generals" can network with "generals," feeling more important with these high-value connection options.

Allow VIP Sponsors to Choose from Select Menus

Develop a VIP-level menu of extras to offer that might include signature drinks, gourmet appetizers, or other meal selections not available for the general eventgoers. Even smaller menu or beverage service extras can elevate a VIP's experience.

Share Event Guest Lists or Post Event Videos

Appeal to new potential event sponsors with post-event business assets, including exclusive access to event videos or rosters of event attendee lists. These extras can be extremely valuable to potential event sponsors, especially for their ROI.

Offer Celebrity or Keynote Meet and Greets to VIPs

While your event guests are flocking to claim their seats for the keynote speaker presentation or celebrity appearances, treat your VIP sponsors to exclusive meet and greets. Give them unique opportunities to have one-on-ones with high-profile presenters and close more sponsorship packages as a result.

Provide Early Registrations

Afford even more convenience options for your VIP event sponsors, like early registration or streamlined badge access. It's not a true VIP experience if you don't also offer more significant convenience options for signing up, getting in, and arriving.

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