Why Your New York Events Need High-Value Sponsorships

April 22, 2024 Mario Stewart

New York City event planners know planning and executing any event, large or small, is a collaborative effort. You’re working with your client, booking caterers, communicating with vendors, checking out venues, previewing event entertainment, and bringing in event sponsors. Today, we're focusing on sponsors - more specifically, high-value event sponsorships that can bring a host of advantages to your events and business. If you're not strategizing an approach to invite high-value sponsors to your corporate events, conferences, and fundraisers, keep reading. The top event planners will tell you these are the key benefits you can't afford to miss.

Different Sponsorship Packages to Offer to Maximize Contributions

Event planners can offer different sponsorship packages to potential businesses in a way that structures the level of investment and corresponding benefits provided to the sponsors. These can have a wide range of levels depending on the event perks and how much sponsors are willing to contribute. Get creative and bring added value to your sponsorship opportunities to elevate sponsor support in a high-level way.

  • Tiered sponsorships: These packages (think bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) can supplement your event's budget.
  • In-kind sponsorships: Consider trading services or products for sponsorship support. You can cut event expenses with trade arrangements for rentals, catering, design materials, tech, etc.
  • Customized sponsorships: Customize the sponsorship incentives to cater to your potential sponsors' ROI goals. These might include layers of marketing promotions and high visibility throughout the event.

Benefits of Securing High-Value Sponsorships for Your NYC Events

There are event sponsors. Then there are high-value sponsors. When you develop a plan to invite four, five, and even six-figure sponsors, you can significantly elevate your events. These event impacts and advantages are a must for wildly successful NYC events this year.

Surge Cash Flow to Your Event Budget

High-value sponsorships often come with the largest financial contributions, which can greatly affect the size of your event budget. This additional funding can cover event expenses, enhance production quality, provide extra features, upgrade venue amenities, book the best entertainment, and provide premium catering options. All of these upgrades will impact your guest experience and contribute to the success of your event.

Expand Networking Opportunities

More often than not, these high-value sponsors are well connected with extensive networking and marketing resources. This can help with event promotion and increase exposure to a larger audience, driving ticket sales or registrations. When the sponsors bring their industry connections to the partnership, the planning process can be streamlined to help with event logistics, adding more sponsors to the mix, and accessing special services. 

Increased Event Credibility

When event planners have high-value sponsors at their events, they’re signaling to their attendees that their event is well-supported by reputable organizations. Industry influence has a lot of power and just by securing this high-level support, you can attract not only more guests, but favorable venues, vendors, entertainment, speakers, and exhibitors. It brings an added level of trust and confidence for everyone attending your event while maintaining a positive reputation within your industry or community. 

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