Top 10 Event Planning & Experiential Marketing Companies in New York

February 6, 2019 Susan Serena

Event Planning Companies in New York are noticing how businesses are increasing their marketing budget expense on experiential marketing, especially after a recent survey demonstrated that one in three CMOs are planning to set aside anywhere from 21 to 50 percent of their marketing budgets to pour into brand experiences. For business influencers, this mandates a much closer and serious look at the way they’re broadcasting the work they do. It is clear that what they need is an influential experiential marketing strategy.

“We’re seeing significant growth in experiential marketing led by creative agencies and innovative firms,” says Daniel Yaffe, Co-Founder of AnyRoad. “

What is Experiential Marketing?

The principle of experiential marketing is to create a closer connection between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a memorable and fun experience.

If event management firms produce an event for a company that can stir genuine and positive emotions with event goers, then they’re increasing the likelihood for people to bond and associate their emotions to the client’s brand, which is way more effective than just pushing a Facebook ad on their social media feed or something similar.

At times the line between a straightforward PR stunt and experiential marketing is blurred, but we’re not here to waste time splitting hairs over the definition.

Here’s an example of great use of experiential marketing…

The renowned Doc McStuffin TV show on the Disney Channel is based on a six-year-old girl who heals toys at her make-believe clinic.

Back in 2014, the Doc McSTuffin team utilized experiential marketing to promote their second series and grow their merchandise sales. To do that Disney decided to recreate Doc’s clinic in major retail stores such as Smyths, Tesco, and Toys R Us over in the UK.

Kids were given a 10-minute immersive experience where they had the opportunity to play the role of Doc and had great fun trying to diagnose what was wrong with Big Ted.

Managing Relationships through Experiential Marketing

As companies are starting to improve their ROI measure for experiential marketing through Experience Relationship Management platforms, decision makers are beginning to shift their budgets from traditional marketing to engaging experiences that will permit consumers to build a more emotional and long-lasting connection with the brand.

For the event planning and marketing agencies that are known for handling events for some of the world’s top brands, experiential marketing is becoming a huge part of every initiative and campaign.

Below you will read about the Top 10 Event Planning & Experiential Marketing Companies in New York who are innovating this space of the events industry. Essentially, these event planning agencies in New York have inspired the applications of event pros worldwide because their productions change the way brands connect with prospects and clients by leveraging experiential marketing.

Top 10 Event Planning & Experiential Marketing Companies in New York

1. Colin Cowie

For the past three decades the Colin Cowie agency has refined their skillset in order to provide a broad range of services that can accommodate the diversity of their client’s target demographic demands. The Colin Cowie agency designs and produces a wide variety of events from intimate private affairs to large-scaled corporate events. Their expertise lies in steadily planning and implementing iconic experiences for clients and guests alike, and not just plan weddings and other events.

The Colin Cowie agency is renowned for their proficiency in wedding planning, production and design whether it’s for a private or celebrity couple. They design exclusive destination weddings, and milestone events such as anniversaries, birthdays, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s.

In the business world, The Colin Cowie agency is often sought out for corporate event productions such as openings, brand activations, awards dinners, galas, product launches and charity events for non-profit organizations.

2. Save the Date Led by Jennifer Gilbert

Save the Date led by Jennifer Gilbert understands that events are evolving by leaps and bounds and they recognize that every client may have different planning needs or may not even know what may be available to them. From the most innovative technology to the latest in creative & experiential solutions, Save the Date is one of the most cutting-edge and savvy event planning companies.

Whether it is a corporate or social event, Save the Date understands that your goal is to deliver a memorable experience that helps you connect more with guests as you deliver the wow factor.

3. Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss is a world-renowned event planner and seasoned lifestyle expert who has sold best-selling books, product lines, and specializes in brand partnerships. Mindy’s clients have recognized her creativity and flair for design in the outcome of the events she produces.

Since 1992, Mindy and her team have been planning some of the most prominent parties around the globe. The Mindy Weiss team has designed remarkable weddings, baby showers and festivities for clients such as Pink, Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello, Ciara & Russell Wilson, Channing Tatum & Russell Wilson, Heidi Klum, Ellen DeGeneres & Portia DeRossi, and even members of the Kardashian clan. Her clients admire her calm demeanor, resourceful ideas and her capacity to bring any event vision to life.

4. MKG

MKG is one of the event planning agencies in New York who is known for creating experiences where people can bond with brands in the same way they connect with one other. Experiential should be their middle name because of their drive to ensure that each event is executed with a focused goal of delivering an associated involvement between brands and their target demographic.

Developing strategic partnerships takes insight research and development and MKG uses both in their strategic experiential practices to deliver concrete results. MKG is one of the most creative events firm and has built a solid reputation because of their artistic direction and design approach.

5. EMRG Media Led by Erica Maurer

EMRG Media led by Erica Maurer is one of the top full-service event planning companies in New York offering marketing, publishing and planning services all under one roof. Some of their corporate clients include well-known celebrities and brands such as Alicia Keys, Alzheimer's Foundation Bain, Bloomingdales, Big Brothers, Casio, Publicis, Conde Nast Publication, just to name a few of the individuals and companies that trust EMRG Media for their event planning & marketing needs.

When you combine corporate event planners with skilled marketing consultants, you get EMRG Media who works determinedly to help you build your business with personalized brand management and event services that will help you connect and maintain relationships with your target audience.

The EMRG team consists of highly skilled NYC Event Planners & Marketing Executives who ensure your continued success by designing the greatest event experiences and then endures that connection to your audience after the event by using savvy marketing strategies that will guarantee your brand’s continued success.

6. David Tutera

David Tutera has an exceptional talent for transforming an ordinary event and transforming it into an extraordinary experience for both his clients and their guests alike. Using his sophisticated style, aristocratic elegance, and phenomenal creativity, David Tutera has been successful in delivering true experiential event practices to ensure the audience truly connects with the event.

If the name sounds familiar, it is for good reason. David Tutera is one of the leading Wedding & Special Events Experts in the events industry and has created quite a reputation as one of the best event management agencies around the world.

7. Preston Bailey

Known for their astonishing aptitude for converting raw spaces into unique theatrical environments, Preston Bailey believes in using advanced event tech to design one-of-a-kind affairs. Bailey’s larger than life public events are known worldwide and that ranges anywhere from corporate events to anniversary parties, showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and much more.

Preston Bailey Entertainment & Set Design offers design, planning, and production services. They conceptualize, produce, and strategize a unified look for experiential events so that guests are tied into your event from the entrance to the exit. They execute your vision through their full scope of event production services to deliver your end goal flawlessly.

8. Jack Morton

Jack Morton is a worldwide brand experience agency best known as one of the best event planning companies in New York for promotional and experiential marketing events. The agency also provides digital, social, and sponsorship services to cover every aspect of your pre- and post-event marketing efforts.

Jack Morton focuses their event planning efforts on creating astonishing brand practices across critical touch points via event & experiential marketing, digital & content marketing, integrated campaigns, sponsorship marketing and staff engagement. The Jack Morton agency are renowned leaders in experiential technology, exhibits, public events, moving images, and broadcast design.

9. Impulse NYC

The dedicated management team at Impulse NYC is known to be one of the most comprehensive event planning companies in New York because of their resourceful capacity to deliver turnkey event solutions. The all-encompassing event planning and experiential marketing services designed by Impulse NYC will help any brand carry out their event goals from the initial concept all the way through to the execution.

Impulse’s custom-tailored and flexible approach facilitates their ability to work with small and large businesses as well as individuals. There is no request they haven’t heard of or vision they haven’t been able to implement. Impulse NYC's mission is to create dynamic events with the premise to connect guests/attendees with the entirety of your event.

10. Swank Productions

Swank Production’s Owner Maya Kalman developed her reputation as one of the top event planning companies in New York because of the outpour of stunning event productions she has designed. From unique weddings that connects the guests with the event theme to strategically designed corporate events with flair, Swank Productions has perfected their event production methods through their attention to detail.

Innovation is key when creating experiential events and as a top event firm in NY, Swank knows how to deliver extravagant affairs filled with modern day event tech and capturing designs. The agency has been featured in national magazines and television shows for their expertise in Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, and social parties that demand style.


Brands who are contemplating exploring experiential marketing should collaborate with event planning companies in New York like the inspirational above-named agencies. As experiential marketing begins to grow even more over the next years, businesses will need to develop even more innovative experiences at their events so they can become more prominent than their competitors. Nevertheless, you should consider working with one of the agencies we included on our list because they will help you execute the strategic experiential marketing approach that is working so well for brands all over the country.

The team at the Event Planner Expo can help your company collaborate with some of the top experiential marketing & event planning companies in the country. Contact us today to go over your goals so we can help pair you with the right agency.

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