7 Proven Strategies to Boost Leads & Sales for Event Planning Entrepreneurs

October 18, 2023 Mario Stewart

There always seems to be some shiny new object to chase when it comes to lead generation and sales. Do this to get more leads organically. Do that to close more deals right now. But when you’re chasing new strategies without applying your business model, you lose the element of momentum-building consistency. What you really need is a roadmap with proven paths to lead generation and event planning client sales conversions. Today, you’re in luck because we’re sharing the most proven strategies the most successful event professionals use to drive leads and sales in a big way.

1. Social Media Lead Generation

Tap into your existing social media channels and turn them into lead-generating resources. Facebook, X (Twitter,) Instagram, and LinkedIn are great platforms to target ads, introduce special offers, and launch lead magnets. Consider these insights as you develop your social media campaigns.

  • Target your audiences specifically to unique events.
  • Retarget ads 
  • Use social proof in your campaigns.
  • Provide a unique offer.
  • Tap into sponsorships and influencers to boost engagement.

2. Cataloging Your Content

With all your digital outreach methods, it can be challenging to get creative about generating content that engages. Start cataloging your content, including social and video campaigns, and creating a library of assets. You can then use that growing library for inspiration to repurpose and rework your content based on the event services or specific New York events you’re promoting.

3. Optimizing Your Web and Landing Pages

Make sure your digital presence is fully optimized, including your website and landing pages. Start by simplifying your designs and messaging, allowing the most important elements to take center stage. Calls to action statements have to be prominent. Graphics have to be crips. And page loading speeds have to be fast, including on mobile. Streamline your user experience across both your website and dedicated landing pages to start seeing better engagement results and lead generation.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns

Cultivate target prospects and launch email campaigns to connect and nurture them into leads. Target your existing leads with key offers and incentives to engage with you further, leading to event planning presentations and proposals. And always use your existing roster of email contacts as resources for potential referrals, event sponsors, and event testimonials.

  • Use email automation to simplify the process and collect metrics.
  • Be concise with your email message and offer.
  • Use brilliant subject lines.
  • Include specific CTAs with links for the next steps.
  • Personalize your emails. 
  • Provide valuable information your targets find useful.
  • Always follow up with another email, nurturing the lead.

5. Paid Ads

If you have something specific to promote, like an upcoming New York event or a new line of event services, boost leads and increase sales. Don’t throw cash at ads without first identifying a key goal for the campaign, though. You’ll want to track the data and measure leads, click-through rates, and engagements. Here are some other insights for creating paid digital campaigns that generate results.

  • Define your target audience first.
  • Craft messaging that speaks to your target audience.
  • Allocate (and stick to) a paid ad budget.
  • Get creative with your offers, CTAs, and graphics.
  • Analyze and A/B test.

6. Video Marketing

The best way to convert a lead into a prospect and eventually into a paying event client is with relationship-building conversations. And since you can’t always land these conversational opportunities, you can always do the next best thing - talk to them with video marketing. Creating a library of videos allows you to share your unique voice and personality in delivering a core message. Inspire your audience to take action by leveraging video in a way that allows them to get to know you, what you do, and why you’re different. These videos might include:

  • Past event experiences in the form of lives or reels.
  • Tutorial videos showing how to do something event-related.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos showcasing your efforts and your team.
  • Testimonial videos for social proof and trust-building.

7. Hosting and Attending Events

You’re always telling your event clients about the value of hosting an event. Don’t be afraid to take your own advice. Consider hosting a client appreciation event or a cocktail party to invite potential clients. And always be seeking out networking opportunities as an event attendee yourself. Get out there and in the room with those top-tier clients! The more you engage, the more leads you’ll generate. And one of the best conferences to attend to boost lead generation and boost your sales efforts is The Event Planner Expo! Stay up to date on the very latest announcements for the next big New York dates. And always find the proven business-building insights you need right here with our ongoing blog series

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