8 Ways to Make Your NYC Event More Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

July 12, 2023 Mario Stewart

Today’s veteran event professionals and New York City event planners are always looking for new ways to reduce waste, conserve resources, and curate eco-friendly events. And if you’re looking for inspirational and genius methods to boost sustainability with all your New York events, keep reading. We’re sharing some great ideas that make sense to include with all your event planning efforts.

1. Cut Back on Water Use and Waste

Event planners can always find unique ways to cut back on water usage and water waste at all their events. Start by working with New York area venues that already have robust water conservation best practices in place, including with restrooms and water service. Consider eliminating pre-poured water at dinner and only providing water for those who request it. 

2. Go with LED Lighting

Talk with your venue partners about smarter ways to consider electricity. LED signage and lighting are going to be a more sustainable option than traditional bulbs. One LED bulb can minimize greenhouse gas emissions overall by nearly half a ton! And keeping the atmosphere smartly lit only where lighting is needed reduces the wattage used, too. 

3. Partner with Eco-Conscious Event Services

When you meet with potential catering partners, florists, and entertainers, talk about their sustainability efforts and eco-friendly options. You can always choose to work with those who source locally, provide organic solutions, recycle, or have greener best practices. 

4. Avoid Plastics

New York event planners can also be looking for brilliant ways to swap out plastics in favor of more biodegradable and sustainable materials. From non-disposable place settings and cups to reusable name badge holders and bans on helium balloons, you can make smarter choices for all your event details. Go strawless and package-less while you're at it, and do your part to keep harmful plastics out of our landfills.

5. Choose Sustainable Promotional Products

New York conferences and trade shows are ideal for marketing with branded promotional products. But as the coordinating event planner, you can talk with your exhibitors and sponsors about smart ways to go green with those giveaways. Instead of plastic cups, consider branded tote bags made from recycled materials. Instead of items with shorter use lifespans, like branded candy or pens, consider more long-term reusable items, like wearables and electronics.

6. Offer Recycling Receptacles

Do your part at every event you plan, from weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs to industry trade shows and product launches, with available recycling receptacles around every corner. Encourage guests to recycle their appropriate waste and trash. And be mindful to work with your NYC venue in getting those recycling bins set up and in place.

7. Streamline Transportation Options

Encourage your event guests to take advantage of carpooling options or ridesharing when attending your New York event. One shuttle transport is going to put out fewer emissions than ten individual vehicles trying to navigate NY parking. For all your out-of-town guests and during your multi-day events, make these streamlined transportation options available to improve your event’s overall carbon footprint.

8. Be Selective About Ingredient Sourcing for Your Menus

Get eco-friendly with your event menus and work with your catering partners in choosing organic and locally sourced ingredients. Discuss better ways to reduce waste in food production and streamline water usage during dinner service. Fair Trade Certified goods are also great endorsements that mean these products are sourced responsibly. These certifications, along with a few others, govern all kinds of ingredients, including seafood, coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts, produce, and more.

Start making a conscious effort to go green with all your New York event-planning endeavors. And use these creative methods to inspire your eco-friendly improvements. Learn more about boosting sustainability and your event planning business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! Tickets, including All Access and VIP Educational Access are available now! Get your tickets, and be sure to reserve your coveted hotspot on the trade show floor as an exhibitor!

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