Event Designs: How to Incorporate Networking Lounges (the Right Way)

April 24, 2023 Mario Stewart

Event networking is an important aspect of any event. You want your guests to connect and have meaningful conversations. But when the crowd is sizable, and the event is high-energy, finding quiet time to talk is hard to do. And that's why today's event planning pros make brilliant use of networking lounges at their New York events.

If your New York event intends for guests to network and mingle, whether it’s a social event setting or corporate conference, networking lounges in your layouts are great amenities. But not all networking lounges are welcoming, and aesthetics matter when setting up yours. Consider these event design and networking lounge insights to ensure your guests are comfortable networking and working the room.

The Cocktail Layout

If your corporate event or company outing calls for conversational networking in a more professional setting, consider the cocktail layout. These networking lounges involve small areas of high-top cocktail tables and chairs, making it easy to hop up and keep mingling. Since only two or three people can convene at these tables, arrange a few of them around a secluded area. These layouts are fun, especially during appetizer and cocktail hours or for VIP networking.

Lounge Clusters

Your event might call for more networking away from the high-energy hustle and bustle of the main event space. Consider comfortable lounge clusters, maybe with partially drawn curtains to muffle the music. Comfortable lounge chairs and couches are welcome here, and they are also great for absorbing noise. These areas promote “inside voices” away from the crowds, where guests can engage in more relaxed, meaningful conversations.

Networking Lounge Pods

Another networking lounge layout involves the lounge pods. These are small circles of seating and coffee tables, forcing those who sit to face each other. This layout works well if you’re in a New York venue that only has one viable space available to incorporate a lounge setting. You can arrange multiple pods in one area, allowing unique group conversations to take place separately yet simultaneously.

Networking lounges are pivotal for creating spaces where guests and professionals can meet, engage, and converse without the pressures from the crowd or interruptions. Keep these event design ideas in mind as you incorporate networking lounges into your corporate events and social celebrations. And for more event design inspiration, get tickets for The Event Planner Expo 2023, where you can take part in high-energy networking with top industry professionals!

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