How Event Planners Can Use Vision Boards for Inspiration

November 3, 2023 Mario Stewart

You’ve heard of other business leaders and managers making the case for using vision boards. But what’s all the buzz really about, and are they a method event planners like you can find value in using? The short answer is - yes! Vision boards are more than just motivational reminders. And for professionals who rely on constant creativity and event planning inspiration, they can be downright essential. 

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board can come in any size or format. But they will all be filled with words, images, symbols, and affirmations that personally or professionally inspire you. These boards should motivate you to be creative, positive, and productive. 

There’s no wrong way to build a vision board. However, in developing yours, be selective in choosing sentiments that represent your dreams and goals. It can be a singular idea or a manifestation of several ideas. A great vision board displayed in your office, at your desk, or at home, where you can see it prominently, will offer subtle reminders to keep striving for your positive future.

Do Vision Boards Actually Motivate and Inspire?

Vision boards can be incredibly effective. The concept is widely endorsed by celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey. And countless motivational speakers and leaders endorse their use. But do they really work?

Science says they do. On average, 63% of small business owners believe in visualization when developing their business and marketing plans. Another 82% of small biz entrepreneurs say that their vision boards have allowed them to accomplish more than half of their original goals so far. Simply exposing yourself to a visual stimulus and reminder of your goals can, in fact, help you achieve those goals. 

Understanding Vision Board Psychology

Casually glancing at or encountering a vision board peripherally keeps certain goals and concepts top-of-mind. Dr. Tara Swart, a Neuroscientist, says these motivational boards will “prime the brain to grasp opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.” The human brain has a process referred to as value-tagging, allowing a person to imprint the “important things” into the subconscious. Focusing on the goals will actually help you to subconsciously prioritize them and filter out any noise or unnecessary distractions.

Why They’re Great for Event Planners

Vision boards can be helpful to professionals in any industry. But they’re especially conducive to event planners. As an event planning professional, you’re constantly responsible for managing tasks and event curation to-do lists. But don’t get lost in those packed daily schedules and lose sight of your core objectives - like growing your business. A vision board in your life can be a constant reminder of where your priorities lie, changing your perspective. 

Additionally, event planners have to be a non-stop source of ideas and creativity. You’re coming up with event themes, inventing new event designs, and creating event experiences that resonate. A vision board can help you maintain your creativity, inspiring and motivating you towards continued success.

  • Clarify your vision and goals.
  • Focus on what you intend to achieve or attract in your life.
  • Stay motivated and on track to get there.

Start visualizing your event planning success with your own vision boards. Use positive sentiments and powerful images that resonate with you. And immersing yourself in a visual representation of your event planner goals and objectives will make it easier for you to believe in your ability to reach them.

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Start tapping into the inspirational power of a vision board and realign your vision with daily reminders and motivation. And remember, you can learn all kinds of entrepreneurial inspiration and methods of motivation by attending The Event Planner Expo! Get ticket information today and come back here often to our ongoing blog series, where we’re always sharing entrepreneurial insights and best practices for event planning professionals!

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