Interactive Event Entertainment Options for Inspiration

October 9, 2023 Jessica Stewart

New York event planners recognize just how important event entertainment is to the overall success of any type of event. From weddings and mitzvahs to corporate conferences and trade shows, the various layers of event entertainment are mission-critical. And today’s guests are looking for more than just background music and dance floors these days. What you need in today’s events is interactive elements and entertainment. And we’re sharing some of the most popular interactive event entertainment options to inspire what you bring to your next New York event.

Think About How to Make Your Events More Interactive

Be proactive when event planning and mindful of making your event entertainment more interactive. Look for ways to get your guests involved in participating to significantly boost engagement. The key to creating a fully immersive event atmosphere is with hands-on, get-up-and-move kind of interactions and activities. A few ways to make various event elements interactive is with the genius use of:

  • Technology and Innovative Activations
  • Interactive Event Apps
  • Surprise or Celebrity Guests
  • DIY Stations or Booths

Photo Booths and Video Booths

One of the most impactful event entertainment options you can bring to all kinds of social and corporate events is the photo booth. And today’s photo booth technology now includes fun and engaging video technology. Social photo booths can be incredibly engaging for your event guests with interactive touchscreens, exciting filters, and creative backgrounds. They then share and post these “live photo albums,” bringing more visibility to your event, too.

Gamification and Prizes

Give your New York event guests something fun to do with games and prizes. Gamification, whether it’s online trivia or more interactive escape rooms, is a trusted method for engaging and elevating your event experience. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Raffles
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Speed Networking
  • Contests
  • Puzzles
  • Traditional Party Games
  • Trivia 
  • Game Shows

Virtual and Augmented Reality Engagements

Consider bringing in games and activations that involve both virtual reality and augmented reality. These technologies help transport guests into other environments, which is great for games and fun activities online. These stations can be engaging for guests and demonstrate an innovative vibe to your event.

Interactive Food and Drinks

Another way to infuse your New York events with interactive experiences includes interactive food and drink stations. From ice cream bars and s’mores stations to donut walls and champagne fountains, make your food and beverage experience more fun. 

FAQs About Interactive Event Entertainment

Find even more inspiration with some of these FAQs and answers.

Why are interactive event activities important?

Interactive event entertainment is pivotal for all your events because it’s how you can:

  • Boost attendee engagement
  • Promote more event awareness
  • Fosters collaboration
  • Creates a lasting guest impression
  • Increases event ROI

How can you entertain guests at an event?

To keep your event attendees entertained throughout the duration of your event, event planners need to introduce elements and activities that enlighten, empower, engage, and excite.

What differentiates good event entertainment from great event entertainment?

What separates good event entertainment from great event entertainment is expectation. Your guests will consider the event to be “good” if you deliver every entertainment element they expect. What makes them leave your event thinking it was “great” is innovation, surprises, and the unexpected aspects that brought the wow factor.

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