Make All Your NYC Events More Impactful with These 5 Attendee Engagement Insights

September 29, 2023 Mario Stewart

The most successful events are those that are memorable and impactful for guests. So, it makes sense for New York event planners to focus on strategies that boost attendee engagement. Today, we’re sharing inspirational ideas and creative strategies you can use to keep your parties hoppin’ and all your event guests raving about the excitement and event experience. Tap into these ideas and make all your NYC events and conferences more impactful and memorable!

1. Engage Attendees Digitally Before, During, and After the Event

Don’t just focus on the event engagement elements; consider laying in methods for engaging your event guests before, during, and after the event. Use a mobile event app to connect with invitees prior to the event date, engaging with them and building anticipation. Your event website or landing page will also be instrumental in communicating with guests before the official event date. Engage with them on social media, incentivize and encourage engagement, and build excitement. You can also connect digitally during and after the event, with on-demand content availability, post-event surveys, and social media posting instructions.

2. Interactive and Effortless Event Registration

Your event’s registration process can be a big first impression for event guests. Make it seamless and interactive using scannable QR codes or digital badges. Make it fun with music and set up self-registration kiosks to avoid long waits. Avoiding hiccups at registration will build momentum for a seamless experience. And interactive registrations are just easier to facilitate. 

3. Engaging Speakers and Event Entertainment

The two most important attendee engagement aspects of your event are the guest speakers and the event entertainment. Don’t cut corners here, and make sure you bring in the best-fit partners. Keynote speakers, guest speakers, or celebrity appearances need to be exciting and value-packed for guests. Event entertainment has to be diverse, spanning from the main stage to side-show entertainment. Think live bands, DJs, photo booths, chamber musicians, magicians, mentalists, dancers, and face painting. Get creative and provide layers of entertainment and stage presentations that educate, enlighten, and engage!

4. Games and Contests

People love games, contests, and friendly competitions. As an event planner, you can elevate your attendee engagement game by introducing all kinds of gamification elements. From basic trivia contests to full-blown dance-offs, have fun with games that make sense for your event themes and audiences. Remember to make the game rules easy to understand and always have equally fun prizes and giveaways to share with the winners and losers.

5. Activations and Innovative Technology

Today’s event guests expect bold and innovative ideas and immersive experiences. Bringing in brilliant activations and interactive technology is a must. Consider partnering with vendors who specialize in interactive activations. Set up augmented reality experiences and virtual reality games guests will love. And the more revolutionary the tech, the bigger the impression you can make with your event attendees. 

Get creative about boosting every attendee experience and make every event more impactful and memorable. Start with these strategies and use them as inspiration for all kinds of interactive elements and event design curations. And learn everything you need to know about attendee engagement ideas by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! Tickets are available NOW!

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