5 Ways to Engage Event Attendees Before the Big Event

May 1, 2023 Mario Stewart

Before the day of your big event or conference, you’ll have weeks of opportunities to engage and connect with your potential attendees. Today’s event planners know that nurturing guests prior to the event is a great way to boost event success. And today, we’ll share a few methods for connecting, prior to the event date, to ensure attendees arrive in droves, ready to engage, and without issue.

1. Create an Event App

Create a unique app for every event you plan to share with guests, vendors, and your clients. This is a fun and wildly-engaging way to stay connected with your attendees prior to the event. And with proper promotion, you’ll have a direct line of communication with every single person on your invite list. Send updates, reminders, and event agendas to build excitement and anticipation, too.

2. Invite Them to Your Social Media Group

Create a dedicated social media group for your event and connect with attendees within those groups. Tie your groups into the ongoing marketing you’re already doing on social media, too. Those who may not be interested in an app or other communication channels will still be able to connect and engage with you in social groups prior to your event.

3. Ask Them to Follow Your Event Page

Create a dedicated landing page or social media profile for your New York event that online attendees can bookmark and follow. They’ll receive notifications when you post or update. And you can share landing page links across all your online channels for boosted promotion.

4. Email Event Reminders

Curate event attendee lists with email addresses and develop a sequence of emails to send before the big day. Use these inbox messages to educate and share details about the event. And build anticipation with a greater frequency of emails as the date approaches. Send emails to everyone and encourage them to upgrade their tickets, share invites among their friends, or interact with you.

5. Call to Confirm Straggling RSVPs

The last week or two before your event is scheduled to take place, create a call list and connect the old-fashioned way - by phone. Give attendees a call to confirm tickets and RSVPs. Be friendly and engage from a position of doing them a favor, making sure they don’t miss out on attending your event.

Get inspired with these methods of event attendee engagement in the weeks leading up to your New York event. Engaging them early and often will ensure your event is a complete success. 

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