5 Ways to Rally Your Company Event Audience

May 31, 2023 Desiree Homer

From corporate conferences to milestone birthdays, events are intended to be exciting and energizing occasions. But sometimes, as an event planner, you realize your crowd seems to be winding down, becoming bored, or even yawning. When you recognize these signs, it’s time to change things up and infuse a boost of energy. Check out these suggestions to rally your crowd and get the excitement back in the room!

1. Take a Break

For those all-day conferences or corporate meetings, make sure you’re taking enough breaks between presentations. After sitting for lengthy periods of time, your crowd’s eyes can start to gloss over as they grow tired and lose interest. If you spot a sleepy bunch, take an impromptu break and invite guests to stand, grab a fresh beverage, or take care of calls and emails. The act of moving around can re-energize them for the next leg of the meeting.

2. Pump Up the Music

For those celebratory events, turn to your band or DJ for help in energizing the crowd. People can’t help but react to upbeat music. And an event audience that seems too quiet can all of a sudden get loud and excited again with just the right song. Have your entertainer invite guests to the dance floor, too.

3. Make an Announcement

If your New York event starts to feel mundane, interject with an announcement. Get everyone’s attention and maybe direct them to try the event’s signature drinks. Rally the crowd by asking if everyone’s having a great time, inciting resounding applause or enthusiastic responses. 

4. Introduce New Snacks 

Maybe your event crowd is getting hungry. Another way to rally the audience is by introducing or re-introducing delicious snacks or hors d'oeuvres. A tasty morsel can be just the boost your guests need to re-engage.

5. Adjust the Lighting

Check your lighting and audiovisual settings. Use lighting and visual aesthetics to signal to the crowd that it’s time to hit the dance floor. Brilliant light displays or a change in LED screen imagery can be just the change your event needs to rally the audience.

Keep these insights in mind with all your New York events. Be mindful to spot lulls in your crowds and take immediate action to boost the energy in the room again. For more advice for improving your attendee engagement, be sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023! Thousands of top-performing and leading event pros will be there, networking and sharing their insights for success! Your event company can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity to mingle, learn, and grow.

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