6 Door Prizes Your New York Event Guests Will Love

August 30, 2023 Desiree Homer

Whenever you’re curating New York events, you often brainstorm ideas for door prizes, swag, and guest giveaways. But you need unique gifts that make the event memorable. You likely need prizes that are somewhat affordable to your event budget. And you most definitely need to choose door prizes your corporate event or social celebration attendees actually want. Today, we’re doing the brainstorming for you. Here are some incredible door prizes to consider for all your upcoming NYC events. Your guests will absolutely love them, too!

1. Gift Cards & Gift Certificates Are Still Winners

Whether you’re curating a product launch event, a company holiday party, a corporate event, or a milestone birthday celebration, your guests will always appreciate a “thank you” parting gift in the form of gift cards and gift certificates. Even small dollar amounts are still welcomed. Choose stores, retailers, restaurants, and brands that support your event and that your event guests prefer. 

2. Corporate Event Branded Swag Favorites

Another way to demonstrate your appreciation for attendance is by sending guests home with company-branded swag. Corporate events and conferences can always leave a lasting impression long after the event is over. Consider these useful and practical swag suggestions that attendees still enjoy receiving.

  • Branded Apparel - shirts, hats, hoodies, socks, etc.
  • Bags - totes, duffles, sling bags, etc.
  • Drinkware - water bottles, mugs, flasks, tumblers, etc.
  • Tech Swag - chargers, power banks, mouse pads, speakers, etc.
  • Wellness Swag - yoga mats, stress balls, fitness trackers, etc.

3. If There Are Games, Send Home the Trophies

Event guests always love recognition. So, if you have a way to provide awards in the form of accolades, certificates, and frames, do so. And by all means, if your corporate or social event incorporates games and challenges throughout the duration, make sure you have ample trophies to send home to the victors. Consider also creating “best loser” prizes and general participation giveaways to ensure everyone goes home with a little something extra to commemorate their event experience.

4. Themed Gift Baskets 

Instead of giving away one item, consider creating specialty baskets of various items aligned with a particular theme. Your event guests will perceive “bundles” of goodies as more valuable, too. Get inspired to create some of your own unique gift baskets, complete with branded swag and useful items.

  • Wellness Baskets
  • Assorted Spirits & Alcohol Baskets
  • Treats & Gourmet Snack Baskets
  • Sports Themed Baskets
  • Movie Night-Themed Baskets

5. Drawing for the Centerpieces

Don’t just wow your New York event guests with brilliant floral centerpieces and arrangements; send those beauties home with them! Consider hosting a drawing toward the end of your event, selecting attendees who can take arrangements home with them. This is a great idea for event planners, too, since sending home decor as part of your giveaways means one less thing to worry about during clean-up after the event.

6. Plants and Herb Starter Kits

Another popular and growing trend supports a more sustainable approach to door prizes and event giveaways. Consider assembling a range of small plants, succulents, or herb garden starter kits to give away. These are fun and customizable in all kinds of plant sizes and varieties. And your guests will love taking home something “green” that they can enjoy long after your event is over.

Get inspired to dole out brilliant door prizes and gifts your New York event guests will love! And you can find even more inspiration for ways to infuse your events with excitement by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Get VIP and All Access tickets today!

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