Photo Booths: 7 Event Benefits You Can Expect

September 8, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Event planners know just how important event entertainment is for attendee engagement. You could deliver in every other element, but without engaging and fun entertainment, your guests will get bored. And while you can get creative about booking unique talent and entertainment, including DJs, magicians, and dance performers, don’t underestimate the fun a photobooth brings. Today, we’ll share plenty of reasons to include a photobooth at all your NYC events!

1. Your Event Guests Expect a Photobooth

Photobooths used to be an event anomaly. But with increased popularity over the years, these fun selfie stations are now event staples. Event planners should always consider booking the photobooth because your event guests are going to just expect it to be there. And they’ll be disappointed if they show up and there isn’t one.

2. They’re Perfect for All Kinds of NYC Events

Another reason NYC event planners love bringing photobooths to their events is they’re often a perfect-fit entertainment option regardless of the event type. Photobooths are wildly popular at social events, like weddings, Sweet 16 parties, mitzvahs, and holiday parties. But they’re also fun at corporate events, including conferences, company parties, and product launches. Make photobooths the perfect event entertainment complement for all your engagements!

3. Photobooths Are Easy and Affordable

Event planners should embrace photobooths as a necessary event element because they’re easy to facilitate and generally affordable. Incorporate another layer of entertainment without breaking your client’s budget! And most photobooth services have seamless methods for setting up, managing, and breaking down the photobooth station.

4. It’s Self-Service Entertainment

Photobooths are great options in your event planning arsenal, too, because they provide an added layer of self-service entertainment for your event guests. Attendees can participate at any time during the event and whenever they feel like it. It’s an ideal side-show engagement element that’s convenient and simple to execute.

5. Get Tons of Social Media Mileage

When your event guests are having a great time with the event photobooth, they’re going to share their good times online. And with every social media post, tag, and share, your event and brand are garnering extra mileage in promotion. In a way, the photobooth encourages event guests to do the marketing for you. And they’re reaching a broader audience.

6. Photobooths Connect Attendees

There’s a good chance that whatever New York event you’re planning, some guests aren’t going to know each other. But when you have a photobooth in the room, you create a space where attendees can gather, connect, and engage with each other. Boost networking and bring a method for continued guest mingling and fun.

7. They’re More Than Just Photos

Today’s photobooths aren’t just static pics anymore. Today’s photobooth professionals are leveraging all kinds of cool technologies, including 360-degree video capabilities to elevate the photobooth experience! The props are over the top. The pics and videos are incredibly fun. And your guests can spend hours getting creative in front of the camera.

If you’re a New York event planner, don’t forget to book the photobooth! These are just seven of the countless benefits a photobooth engagement can bring to your events and celebrations. And speaking of New York events, make sure you reserve your spot at The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!

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