6 Methods for Increasing Event Attendance in 2024

January 1, 2024 Mario Stewart

No matter how successful your event planning business is, you’re always on the hunt for proven and innovative methods for increasing event attendance. Getting people excited about your NYC events and in the seats continues to be challenging. But if you’re leading your efforts with these tactics, you can be sure to sell more tickets, boost attendee engagement, and bring in more event guests in 2024.

1. Bring in Other Brand Supporters

Don’t go it alone. Any New York event presents an opportunity to bring in outside supporters. And those supporters can expand your reach to new audiences. Additionally, event supporters can fortify the attractiveness and validity of your event, making it more appealing to guests. Potential supporters who can bring a megaphone to your event marketing include:

  • City officials or groups
  • Industry organizations
  • Event sponsors
  • Exhibiting participants
  • Local media

2. Reward Past Event Attendees

If you’re taking on recurring events in 2024, get a jump on attendance by rewarding past event attendees. Provide perks, VIP experiences, or discounts for those who’ve already experienced and championed your event. You can build a loyal following who can help promote this year’s corporate event or conference. 

3. Promote the Aspects of the Event

Don’t just promote the event itself. Look to be enthusiastic about the NYC venue, the guest speakers, or the event entertainment. When you highlight all the other aspects of your event, you entice guests with layers of anticipated experiences. And you’ll attract more attendees by appealing to various preferences. 

4. Offer Group Discounts

Encourage event guests to bring their friends and colleagues. Offering group discounts and promoting group event discounts can inspire guests to bring others along for the experience. Be diligent about promoting any of the group incentives on social media, within your press releases, and via your event ticketing platforms for maximum reach.

5. Sell the Event Sizzle with Storytelling

Yes, when marketing your New York event, you’ll want to lead with the event’s official details. But in addition to the date, the venue, and the itinerary, look to get creative with storytelling. Your event content should engage with stories behind the “why” and the “how” of your event, in addition to the “what.” Use vibrant language to describe the event’s theme or cause, share stories of event supporters, and be colorful about highlighting the anticipated event experience.

6. Digital Engagement Across a Variety of Platforms

Omnichannel marketing is the best way to engage the most attendees for your event. This means creating a dedicated event website or landing page. It means harnessing the power of an engaging event app. And develop a comprehensive event marketing strategy that includes social media engagement and email campaigns. Engage potential guests wherever they prefer to engage and communicate, making it easy for them to opt into your NYC event.

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