Attendee Engagement Goals: How Event Planners Can Learn to Deliver Incredible Event Experiences

December 29, 2023 Mario Stewart

Every touchpoint with an event guest is an opportunity to make an impression and create a valuable experience. As a New York event planner, you’ll always be looking for more ways to resonate with your attendees, connect with them authentically, and build lasting memories. However, it can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas for boosting engagement, especially if you feel you’ve tried everything or are just re-using past event strategies

As we start the new year, get inspired by these methods for improving attendee engagement with all your NYC events. These insights can guide your strategies and allow you to elevate every event experience.

Make Event Communication an Experience 

Don’t just wait for event guests to arrive at your event to start entertaining them. Start creating attendee experiences before your event using your event app and pre-event communication. 

  • Send engaging messages to pre-registered event guests via email or your event app, welcoming them to your event and creating appeal with announcements.
  • Host fun trivia games online with event guests who’ve already RSVP’d or purchased event tickets. 
  • Launch drawings or fun giveaways as part of your pre-event social media marketing or via event apps with guests directly.

Streamline Event Registration

Event experiences aren’t reserved just for dance floors and entertainment. Look for ways to reduce event bottlenecks and elevate the registration process for an added layer of positive event engagement. Nothing sours an attendee quicker than a long registration line to enter an event, or worse, a glitch that doesn’t have them on the list or spells their name wrong. Bring in every strategy for improving how guests first encounter your event.

  • Use digital registration options for guests to check in prior to the event.
  • Remove unnecessary redundancies with your event registration process.
  • Incentivize early registration with discounts, gifts, and perks.

Create Food-Related Event Experiences

Even your event’s menu selection and meal service should be its own dedicated experience. Look for ways to make food more than just a meal. Create brilliant food and beverage-related experiences your guests will love.

  • Create artistic food decor with ice sculptures and floral arrangements.
  • Hire top mixologists to entertain during bar service.
  • Bring in baristas for espresso and cappuccino delights.
  • Partner with dessert specialists to transform traditional cake or dessert service.
  • Serve gourmet appetizers during a cocktail reception or event.

Interactive Event Entertainment Is Key

Traditional event entertainment, including live bands and DJs are still necessary. But event planners can create layers of interactive and immersive experiences by offering a variety of entertainment options.

  • Bring in a celebrity performer or guest speaker.
  • Book interactive photo and video booth partners.
  • Introduce artists and soloists for captivating engagement.
  • Harness AR, VR, and technology to take gamification to a new level.
  • Brilliant activations get guests excited and involved in an engaging way.

Engaging After the NYC Event

After your New York event is over, you still have a chance to make an impactful impression on event guests, solidifying their positive experiences. Use post-event surveys and communication efforts to connect one more time in a fun and meaningful way.

  • Announce prize winners and share event stories.
  • Demonstrate gratitude for their attendance and participation.
  • Ask for valuable feedback about the event experiences.
  • Share pictures and videos from the event, encouraging social media sharing and engagement.

Discover Attendee Engagement Strategies at The Expo

Keep these insights handy as you look to improve your attendee engagement strategies in 2024. And remember that every guest communication or touch point is your big opportunity to make a lasting impression. Learn more about elevating your event planning game and creating memorable experiences by attending The Event Planner Expo 2024! This is the one events industry conference of the year where planners and professionals go to learn, grow, form strategic connections, network, and generate leads! Make the most of your Expo experience this year, and book your trade show booth today!

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