Corporate Event Must-Haves: Attendee Engagement Strategies You Should Be Leveraging

September 23, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Today’s event planners are stepping up their games when it comes to coordinating corporate events. Companies and organizations are looking for higher value with each engagement. And here’s the shortlist of corporate event must-have components to ensure you’re leveraging the best strategies for continued results.

Activities & Amenities That Provide Value

Don’t just add in amenities or devise corporate event activities as “something to do,” structure some purpose and value into those extras. Make sure seating is comfortable during presentations and meals. Don’t just schedule break-out sessions; prepare unique spaces for more in-depth conversations. For corporate events intended to introduce teams and employees, consider ice-breaking initiatives or strategies that help connect attendees naturally.

Venue Aesthetics

Choosing just the right venue for your corporate event is paramount. Make sure you consider the unique aesthetics needed to best complement the engagement. This includes proper lighting to set the right mood, whether it be relaxing or highly energized. It also includes great audiovisual equipment and stage elements for those New York conferences that require them. Select your venues with all these important elements in mind to achieve a higher level of engagement.

Entertainment That Truly Entertains

Even the most executive of corporate events requires a little fun and entertainment. And not tapping into the best entertainment options will negatively impact the overall perception of your event. Talk with your clients about the intended mood and theme for the event first. Then inquire about fun and exciting entertainment options based on providing talent that guests will love to see or experience. Magicians, live bands, and comedians can all bring elements of fun to any corporate engagement.

Hybrid & Virtual Engagement

Even if the corporate event you’re planning is in person, don’t neglect the virtual element. Creating hybrid events whereby attendees who can’t make it in person can still experience the event is growing more popular. It’s an added layer of connection you can be offering to deliver higher value with every corporate conference.

Post-Event Feedback Initiatives

With every corporate event you plan, make sure you’re putting together a plan for collecting feedback after the engagement. Post-event surveys and follow-up emails are great ways to gather sentiments. And those opinions can help you improve over time with how you plan and organize future corporate events.

What are some of the other must-have elements you swear by with your corporate event planning strategy? Consider these and look for new ways to add value with every engagement. And don’t forget to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo and get in the room with all the top influencers in the events industry for even more insights and advice for developing your corporate event strategies!

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