Don't Do What You Did Last Year! Change Up Your Next Event with These Inspirational Ideas

August 6, 2022 Desiree Homer

When you get to a point, as a New York event planner, where you’re routinely planning certain events at a higher frequency, it can be easy to fall into repetitive steps. And once you find a really engaging element to add for one event, you’ll look for ways to incorporate similar ideas into your other events. But to avoid idea stagnation, here are some fresh suggestions to inspire your creativity. Don’t just do what you did for last year’s corporate conference or last week’s bar/bat mitzvah. Change things up and consider these event elements!

Escape Rooms

Team building, corporate events, family get-togethers, and milestone birthday celebrations are all great events that might warrant a little escape room action. Escape rooms are trending heavily as exciting and fun ways to engage attendees. Get people working together to solve riddles and find ways out of the escape room setting. You can even introduce virtual escape rooms for those guests who may be attending remotely!

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment doesn’t just imply music with a DJ or live band. Live entertainment can be kid-friendly, like face-painting or balloon animal crafting. It can also be live performances from local dance academies or unique arts groups. Magicians, comedians, local artists, and prominent figure speakers can all be incredible entertainment assets for New York events, too. 


Another engaging element worth considering for your next event or conference is virtual reality or augmented reality entertainment. AR and VR both provide interactive spaces, great for launching games, demonstrating new products, and entertaining guests. Consider introducing engaging booths where attendees can virtually explore new things or incorporating AR and VR into mainstage discussions for maximum engagement of all in-person and virtual guests.

Everyone Loves Puppies

Consider introducing volunteering and charitable organizations into your special event. And since nearly everyone loves puppies, maybe work with a local animal shelter to host an adoption or fundraiser as part of your New York event. You can support the local community while introducing an entertainment factor into your event.

Karaoke Contests

If you’re running short of fresh ideas for games, contests, and challenges, check out some of the suggestions from HubSpot. Scavenger hunts, team challenges, karaoke contests, tabletop puzzles, and mystery theaters are all fun activities that bring energy and excitement to New York events. Pop culture and sports trivia are also big wins among certain groups, too. Consider the primary audience of your event and talk with your clients about which elements will make the best additions. 

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are always a fun addition to an event, and it doesn’t just have to be Elvis. New York event planners can introduce a quasi-celebrity element of star power and excitement, which is great for providing guest entertainment. Impersonators can be mainstage entertainers with singing, dancing, or comedic routines. But they can also be interactive throughout the duration of the event, engaging attendees for hilarious conversations and opportune selfie moments, too.

Running short on event themes and entertainment ideas can be a real challenge for New York event planners. Hopefully, these ideas spark some creativity and inspire new ideas for your planning business. For more ideas and fresh takes on old favorites, keep up with our ongoing blog series that shares event planner tips and suggestions. Don’t forget, too, The Event Planner Expo 2022 is coming up, with incredible exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities closing fast. Contact our team to reserve your spot!

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