5 Added Value Perks to Include to Make Every Attendee Feel Like a Winner

August 13, 2022 Jessica Stewart

New York event planning requires more than just organizational and scheduling skills. There’s an emotional component to every engagement, corporate or social. Attendees need to feel something to be moved by an event. And as a New York event planner yourself, you know the key to pulling off a dazzling conference or gathering, lies in whether or not you can wow the guests. These are the added value perks and strategies to use to make sure every event has that wow factor and engagement element needed to make it spectacular.

1. Making Attendees Feel Like It’s for Them

Yes, your event might be corporate-sponsored or company-hosted. The bar/bat mitzvah might be all about celebrating the rite of passage of a young family member. And the wedding celebration is obviously intended to celebrate the newly wedded couple. But as an event planner, you’ll also want to look to add elements that make the attendees feel like they’re included, or better yet, that the experience is intended for them. 

To do this, you can tap into pre-event personalization efforts that allow guests to express their interests ahead of time. Any way you can allow guests to describe or create their own experiences, do it. This might include surveys about what the menu should include, agenda topics employees would like to see discussed, or just preferences for communication. When you start engaging the invite list ahead of the event, you’ll build a rapport with them that will lead to a winning event overall.

2. Give Them More Than They Expect

Consider adding elements that offer more takeaways than the event itself. Maybe it’s content or resources they can use after the event. Maybe it’s video content or discounts for next year’s conference. Consider adding after-event opportunities for networking, mobile apps for continued learning, or full access to resource libraries based on the topic of the event. And go big or go home when it comes to swag and take-home bags. Remember, they’ll come for the keynote speaker or the celebratory experience. Just make sure they leave with something extra, so they’ll feel the event was fulfilling. 

3. Tap into Tech for an Elevated Experience

If you really want to make attendees feel like winners, tap into all the innovative tech you can that enhances every aspect of it. Use those previously mentioned surveys to ask what guests want, including interactive experiences or up-to-the-minute app tracking of the event schedule. Make sure there are plenty of selfie-friendly backdrops. Include technology that connects any virtual attendees to the in-person room. And make sure everyone can easily share event experiences across their personal social media platforms, too.

4. Account for Differing Methods of Learning and Experience

Here’s the other dynamic. People learn and experience things differently. As a New York event planner, you’ll want to look for ways to offer layers of unique methods of engagement, so everyone can feel like a winner. For those corporate events and conferences, make sure content is in video form and writing. For social events, create smaller, more intimate spaces for quiet chats in addition to those high-energy dance floors. The user experience will matter, and that means you’ll have to put yourself in the shoes of varying learning and experience preferences.

5. Treat Every Guest Like VIP

Yes, we often talk about creating VIP experiences for higher-ticket opt-in potential and revenue streams. But on the engagement side of event planning, you really do want to create a posh experience for everyone in attendance. If there are ways to make guests feel like their part of an exclusive group, tap into them. From entrance door prizes and high-profile badges to upscale extras on the menu and drink specials, promote every touch point as an exclusive offering, so all attendees feel like VIP guests.

Up your event planning game with some of these insights for maximum attendee engagement. When your guests feel like winners, the event will be a success. And you’ll be the ultimate go-to planner for every event thereafter! For more insights and tips for improving your event planning services, keep up with our ongoing blog series. Don’t forget to book your sponsorship or exhibitor space for The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October, either! Contact us!

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