Explore These 5 Brilliant Ways to Boost Event Attendee Engagement

June 30, 2023 Desiree Homer

If your event guests aren’t having a great time, your event is going to be a bust. And today’s event planners are tapping into creative ways for boosted attendee engagement and even more memorable event experiences. If you need inspiration, check out some of these stunning New York event ideas for engaging the crowd, entertaining your guests, and enjoying a phenomenal event experience every time. Get them authentically engaged, and your events will be colossal successes!

1. VIP Lounges and Fireside Chats

The days of gathering all your event guests in one giant space for the duration of the event are over. Today’s event-goers are looking for additional layers of activities, interactions, and engagement. And VIP lounges and fireside chats are perfect for all of the above. Segment your New York venue into various lounge areas, perfect for more effective networking and more one-on-one conversations - away from the main floor. These chat areas are ideal for presentations, VIP experiences, or just separate mingling. 

2. Photo Booths, Video Booths, and Selfie Stations

Get your event guests excited and posting on social media with brilliant photo booth activations, video booth options, and step-and-repeat walls, perfect for selfies. Encourage attendees to take tons of their own pictures throughout and share their experiences with specified event hashtags. And the more fun they have, the more they’ll share. The more they share, the more visibility you’ll get for your NY event.

3. Invite Guests to Go VR

Consider other activations, including virtual reality, where you can invite guests to put on the headset and transport to another world! Use VR and AR technology to create in-event interactions that will break the monotony and induce loads more fun. Get your attendees engaged in virtual gaming or augmented reality experiences, and they’ll be talking about them long after your event is over.

4. Games, Challenges, and Trivia - Oh My!

Get creative about bringing in the games, the in-event group challenges, and even trivia contests. When individuals feel like they can participate in other activities, especially when prizes are involved, they’ll have far more interactive experiences. Consider a scavenger hunt, an escape room, or traditional casino-style games for your event attendees to play while at your event.

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