Gamification Amplified! 7 Event Activities You Should Consider Planning

March 1, 2024 Jessica Stewart

The days of boring conferences and dull meetings are a thing of the past. Attendees are looking for a more memorable and engaging experience when participating in New York City corporate events. Embrace the future of event planning by “gaming up” your next event! Gamification has been gaining immense popularity because of how it elevates any event and creates a lasting memory for your guests to remember long after the event is over. Maximizing guest participation leads to personal connections and creates a more unique and dynamic experience. Let us help you get started!

What is Event Gamification?

Don’t let the word “gamification” deter you. It’s simpler than it sounds. Gamification is enhancing your event by integrating games, contests, and challenges so your corporate attendees engage more. It also promotes interaction and elevates your event’s objectives in a positive way. Plus, it’s adventurous and can bring out everyone’s competitive spirit! 

Benefits of Gamifying an Event

NYC event planners have their hands full when planning any corporate event. Beyond the usual checklist of tasks, you have goals and objectives to meet for your event clients while trying to deliver a memorable experience for all your guests. By incorporating fun games, competitive challenges, leaderboards, and rewards, your event will instantly be a success. Other benefits include the ability to:

Maximize Engagement

Event gamification will increase attendee engagement and reduce boredom, which can sometimes happen during long meetings or in-depth presentations. Instead of taking a backseat, your guests will be front and center for all the in-game fun.

Create Networking Opportunities

Games will create networking opportunities and strengthen communication among attendees throughout your NYC event. Sometimes, networking can be distressing for guests, especially among new people. Gamification breaks down barriers, making it easier for the conversation to flow.

Educate Your Audience

One of the main objectives of most corporate events is to educate those participating on a slew of new information. Instead of having everyone digest all that information just by listening, you can add fun challenges to see what they’ve learned. Everyone loves a good round of team trivia! 

Form Stronger Bonds

Because of its engaging nature, playing games organically connects people to each other. Completing challenges together allows guests to learn more about each other in a way that might not happen otherwise. Fostering connections should always be a goal at any event.

Bring Versatility to Corporate Dynamics

Not only is there an endless amount of games to incorporate into your event, but gamification is also perfect for any type of event. Consider games for team-building events, corporate retreats, company parties, workshops, product launch events, and so many more! Additionally, games can be used for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. There’s no excuse not to take advantage of this experience for your guests.

How To Gamify Your Next Event

Every event planner knows the best indicator of a successful event is if it met the goals and objectives set out from the onset. Guest satisfaction is one of those goals, and maximizing their engagement will lead to a more positive experience. Engage better when you:

Connect Game Choices to Event Goals

What is your event trying to achieve? Maybe you’re trying to promote brand awareness, or foster team building, or even educate your guests about upcoming company changes. Whatever the goal is, that will help you narrow down game and challenge options.

Find a Gamification Platform

“There’s an app for that!” In this case, with its growing popularity, there are many apps and platforms that can help you bring your event gamification to life. These platforms are tailor-made to elevate your event and make planning each step a breeze. 

Let Your Guests Know Ahead of Time

Heighten your guests’ anticipation by letting them in on your plan ahead of time. Imagine how different their outlook for your event will be if they know there will be challenges, games, and, more importantly, rewards! Send out emails or create social media posts to create buzz and anticipation around your upcoming company event.

Choose Your Games!

This is where we can help. Below is a list of fun options to consider for your next event. Whether you choose just a couple or a bunch of them, your guests will love what you’ve provided. Don’t forget to celebrate the winners with rewards and even social media shout-outs. There’s no doubt they’ll be looking forward to all your future events!

Let the Games Begin!

The friendly competition will heat up with these fun games and challenges to consider. Your guests will be connecting, having some laughs, and simply having a blast! Keep up to speed with those leaderboards, help facilitate where you can, and hand out all the rewards at the end. It’s going to be a fantastic event!

1. Team Trivia

Try team building and educating all in one game. Test your guests’ knowledge of the event topics and education, or choose topics unrelated for a break in between sessions. 

2. Competitive Challenges

Set up motivating challenges for attendees to participate in. Visit the most trade booths, attend the most sessions, play the most games, etc. Competitiveness will undoubtedly drive engagement.

3. Scavenger Hunts

Provide your guests with clues to find certain items or people throughout the event. Whoever finds the most wins! 

4. Photo Contests

Guests can capture moments throughout the event and use social media to promote it. Encourage your attendees to capture and post a photo(s) and see who can get the most likes. 

5. Social Media Wall

Speaking of social media, incorporating a social media wall is a great way to get people mingling while promoting the event. This interactive tool displays real-time content for ongoing participation. Guests can share the happenings of the event through hashtags, posts, reels, and stories.

6. Audience Polls

Live polls are a great way to get instant feedback. Why not make a game out of it? Whoever participates in the most polls gets a prize. You gain valuable information about your event, and the guests get rewarded. Win/win!

7. Mini Games

Mini-games are the perfect activity to do during a break in the action. Consider cornhole, jenga, ring toss, and others that are similar. They give your event participants a mini break while keeping them engaged.

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